Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours)

Learn how to diagnose and manage a diverse range of cases with the benefit of JCU’s on-campus speech and language clinic.

Set for success

Five-star employment rates* *GUG 2020

Placement opportunities

Turn theory into practice

Community connections

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  • Townsville: February



+estimated annual Commonwealth Supported Fee

Plus Student Services and Amenities fee
Fee deferral and scholarships available if eligible


4 years full-time

6 years part-time

Only Levels 1 & 2 can be completed part-time

Entry Requirements

OP 13

English (4,SA) plus one of Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Health Education (4,SA)

ATAR 69.35

English (Units 3/4,C) plus one of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology or Health (Units 3/4,C)

Rank 72

QTAC Codes

  • 317041

Course detail

Real stories

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    Nicole Dunn

    Bachelor of Speech Pathology

    Speech Pathologists go through the human lifespan. You can get jobs in paediatrics – right from when babies are born, all the way through to palliative care. There’s so many different places we can work, and we’re in really high demand, especially in rural areas.

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    Jacqueline Lim

    Speech Pathology

    We have a unique focus on preparing graduates to work in rural and remote locations. Many of our graduates thoroughly enjoy the opportunities the course provides to experiencing the complexities and joys of rural and remote practice, and many choose to work in regional Australia after graduation.