Master of Science (Research)

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Medicine, Health and Molecular Sciences

Award Requirements

Course Structure



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Admission Requirements

  • Completion of a Bachelor of Science with Honours Class I or II, from this university; or

  • Completion of a Master of Applied Science with at least a 12-credit point research option with a grade of Credit or above or with research publications deemed to be of equivalent value; or

  • Completion of qualifications approved by the Faculty as equivalent to the above; or

  • A pass in approved qualifying examinations, at least one year subsequent to qualifying for the Bachelor of Science or its equivalent; or

  • In exceptional cases, submission of other evidence of academic and professional attainments as meets with the approval of the Faculty.

Course Structure

Candidates will be enrolled in the time-based subject pertaining to their field of study

MR7202 Masters Research Thesis (Biochemistry)

MR7204 Masters Research Thesis (Chemistry - Environmental)

MR7207 Masters Research Thesis (Chemistry - Marine)

MR7211 Masters Research Thesis (Medicine)

MR7212 Masters Research Thesis (Microbiology)

MR7215 Masters Research Thesis (Pharmacology)

MR7216 Masters Research Thesis (Pharmacy)

MR7217 Masters Research Thesis (Physiology)

MR7220 Masters Research Thesis (Public Health and Tropical Medicine)

MR7222 Masters Research Thesis (Sport and Exercise Science)

MR7224 Masters Research Thesis (Tropical Health)

MR7225 Masters Research Thesis (Tropical Medical Science)

MR7226 Masters Research Thesis (Tropical Veterinary Science)

MR7648 Masters Research Thesis (Coral Reef Studies)

MR7213 Masters Research Thesis (Molecular Biology)


Expected time to complete

2 years full-time or equivalent part-time

Maximum time to complete

10 years

Maximum leave of absence

1 year


Supervising body

Higher Degrees by Research Sub-Committee (HDRS-C)

Confirmation of Candidature

See University Requirements - Masters by Research


See University Requirements - Masters by Research


See University Requirements - Masters by Research

EFTSL to complete (Equivalent full-time student load)


Subsumption of coursework subjects

Subsumption permitted

Allowed coursework subjects


Advanced Standing

Not eligible

Award Details

The field of study shall not appear on the testamur

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