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Tropical Ecology and Conservation Major

Major Code




Available in

Graduate Diploma of Science

Credit point value

24 credit points

Other details


Core Subjects

BZ5001:03 Quantitative Methods in Biology


Select 12 credit points of specified BZ or MB level 5 subjects

BZ5008:03 Animal Adaptation to Environmental Change

BZ5210:03 Ecology of Tropical Forest Ecosystems

BZ5212:03 Tropical Wetlands Ecology and Management

BZ5215:03 Conservation Biology

BZ5220:03 Rainforest Populations and Communities

BZ5400:03 Advanced Population and Community Ecology

BZ5420:03 Genetics for Biology

BZ5440:03 Ecology and Conservation

BZ5450:03 Ecological and Conservation Genetics

BZ5510:03 Plants and People

BZ5520:03 Agroecology

BZ5605:03 Plant Diversity and Adaptations

BZ5615:03 Climate Change and Plant Survival

BZ5620:03 Tropical Flora of Australia

BZ5625:03 Tropical Agroforestry

BZ5640:03 Marine Plants and Algae in their Environments

BZ5705:03 The Australian Vertebrate Fauna

BZ5710:03 Animal Behaviour

BZ5720:03 Wildlife Ecology and Management

BZ5725:03 Herpetology

BZ5730:03 Ornithology

BZ5745:03 Tropical Entomology

MB5004:03 Marine Conservation Biology

MB5230:03 Design and Analyses in Ecological Studies

MB5300:03 Sampling and Experimental Design


Select 9 credit points of BZ, EV or MB level 5 subjects