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Bachelor of Business and Environmental Science

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EV2201:03 Tourism and the Environment

EV2502:03 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

MB2060:03 Marine Ecology and Environmental Assessment


Select 3 credit points of specified MB, AQ and EA level 2 subjects

AQ2001:03 Introduction to Aquaculture

AQ2002:03 Aquaculture of Tropical Species

EA2404:03 From Icehouse to Greenhouse

MB2080:03 Invertebrate Biology

MB2090:03 Tropical Marine Ecosystems


Select 12 credit points of specified MB, BZ, AQ and EV level 3 subjects

AQ3015:03 Sustainable Aquaculture

EV3002:03 Environmental Impact Assessment

EV3201:03 Managing Coastal and Marine Environments

EV3203:03 Conserving Marine Wildlife: Sea Mammals, Birds, Reptiles

MB3150:03 Fisheries Science

MB3200:03 Marine Conservation Biology

MB3270:03 Wetland and Estuarine Ecosystems