Graduate Diploma of Tropical Veterinary Science

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Medicine, Health and Molecular Sciences

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Course Structure



Advanced Standing

Award Details

Admission Requirements

Course pre-requisites

Completion of a Bachelor of Veterinary Science, from this or another University; or

Completion of qualifications recognised as equivalent to the above; or

Completion of the Graduate Certificate of Tropical Veterinary Science from this university: or

Completion of appropriate alternative qualifications.

Minimum English Language Proficiency Requirements

Students of non-English speaking backgrounds must have an adequate English language capacity assessed under the Australian International English Language Testing System (IELTS). The IELTS score required for admission to this course can be found in Schedule I of the JCU Admissions policy.

Additional selection requirements


Special admission requirements


Academic Requirements for Course Completion

Credit points

24 credit points

Additional course rules


Additional completion requirements


Course learning outcomes

Tropical veterinary science covers the field of animal health, welfare, and production with the aim of improving health and productivity of livestock, and better utilisation of animal resources, including wildlife in tropical, subtropical and similar agro-ecological environments.

Graduates of the Graduate Diploma of Tropical Veterinary Science will be able to:

  • Apply and adapt advanced and integrated knowledge, including an understanding of recent developments, in the area of Tropical Veterinary Science and related professional competencies, behaviours and ethical frameworks

  • Apply an integrated understanding of tropical veterinary medicine and its application to improve human health and quality of life by means of increased and safe food production in tropical regions

  • Analyse and synthesise complex information, problems, concepts and theories in new situations or contexts with creativity and independence

  • Demonstrate a high level of personal autonomy and accountability for their own future professional development through selection and integration of available subjects in tropical veterinary medicine

  • Interpret and justify theoretical propositions, methodologies, conclusions and professional decisions to specialist and non-specialist audiences through high level written and oral communication and numeracy skills.

Course Structure


Select 24 credit points of specified TV or BZ level 5 subjects

BZ5501:03 Special Topic 1

TV5010:03 Animal Health

TV5020:03 Animal Production

TV5040:03 Epidemiology 1

TV5110:03 Systemic Pathology

TV5111:03 Diagnostic Pathology

TV5120:03 Advanced Microbiology and Immunology

TV5121:03 Infectious Diseases of Livestock

TV5130:03 Advances in Veterinary Parasitology

TV5131:03 Host-Parasite Relationships

TV5210:03 Animal Nutrition

TV5220:03 Animal Reproduction and Management

TV5230:03 Epidemiology 2

TV5240:03 Aquatic Pathobiology

TV5320:03 Dissertation







Expected time to complete

1 year full-time or equivalent part-time

Maximum time to complete

4 years

Maximum leave of absence

1 year


Course progression requisites


Course includes mandatory professional placement(s)


Special assessment requirements


Accreditation requirements


Maximum allowed Pass Conceded (PC) grade


Supplementary exam for final subject

Not applicable

Advanced Standing


Candidates may apply for advanced standing for previous tertiary study in accordance with the Advanced Standing for Previous Studies and Recognised Prior Learning policy associated procedures.

Maximum allowed

6 credit points, unless part of an approved articulation process.


Advanced standing will be granted only for studies completed in the 10 years prior to the commencement of this course.


Advanced standing gained for any subject shall be cancelled 14 years after the date of the examination upon which the advanced standing is based if, by then, the candidate has not completed this course.

Other restrictions


Award Details

Inclusion of majors on testamur

The discipline studied shall not appear on the testamur

Exit with lesser award

Candidates who exit the course prior to completion, and have completed 24 credit points, may be eligible to receive the award of Graduate Certificate of Tropical Veterinary Science.

Course articulation

Candidates who complete this course are eligible for entry to the Master of Veterinary Science, and may be granted advanced standing for all subjects completed under this course.