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University Specialist Employment Partnerships (USEP)

Employment support for students with a disability

University Specialist Employment Partnerships (USEP) is a free, on-campus employment service that supports graduating or graduated students with a disability (including mental health conditions) who are seeking a final year placement or graduate employment.

The service is available to JCU students in their final year or within one year of graduation who have identified as having a disability and/or who access support from the University due to the impact of their disability. The program is available for Townsville and Cairns students who are Australian citizens.


The USEP employment consultant is available in Townsville every Friday in the Careers and Employment Office (Level 1 of the Library).

Phone or Skype appointments are available for Cairns and external students, with occasional on-campus visits.


USEP provides students with:

  • Assistance from an experienced on-campus specialist employment consultant
  • Links to industry and specialist support to assist with finding sustainable graduate employment
  • Sourcing of positions and working with employers to deliver training to staff to increase awareness in their workplace before commencement of employment

The Student Process

  1. Register for USEP by visiting
  2. Meet with the on-campus consultant to discuss options
  3. Design a plan that outlines your employment goals
  4. Discover a role that suits your skills and experience
  5. Support a workplace that’s prepared, and an environment that suits you

For further information: