Multidisciplinary Major

Information valid for students commencing in 2012.

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BBU-MDL - To be discontinued as of 31/12/2012



Available in

Bachelor of Business

Bachelor of Arts – Bachelor of Business

Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science – Bachelor of Business

Bachelor of Business - Bachelor of Laws

Bachelor of Business - Bachelor of Laws with Honours

Bachelor of Business - Bachelor of Psychology - Bachelor of Business - Bachelor of Psychology with Honours

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Select 6 credit points of BU and BX level 2 subjects

BU2004:03 Financial Management

BU2005:03 Entrepreneurship

BU2006:03 Business Modelling

BU2007:03 Project Management

BU2008:03 Leadership and Strategic Thinking

BU2009:03 Sustainability in Business

BU2010:03 Business Research Methods

BU2060:03 Professional Experience

BU2111:03 Business, Law and Ethics

BU2112:03 Law of Business Organisations

BU2208:03 Marketing Fundamentals

BU2209:03 Business Information Systems

BX2011:03 Accounting Principles and Systems

BX2012:03 Cost and Management Accounting

BX2021:03 Managerial Accounting

BX2022:03 Macroeconomic Policy

BX2031:03 Personal Portfolio Management

BX2032:03 Financial Institutions and Markets

BX2041:03 Club and Gaming Management

BX2042:03 Hospitality Services: Management and Leadership

BX2051:03 Strategic Human Resource Management

BX2061:03 Business Negotiation

BX2062:03 Operations Management

BX2072:03 Managing Organisational Flexibility

BX2081:03 Consumer Behaviour

BX2082:03 Marketing Communications

BX2091:03 Tourism Management

BX2092:03 Tourist and Leisure Behaviour Management

BX2093:03 Sports Management

BX2225:03 Forecasting

Select 12 credit points of BU and BX level 3 subjects

BU3060:03 Professional Experience

BU3112:03 Taxation

BX3011:03 Company Accounting

BX3012:03 Contemporary Issues in Accounting

BX3013:03 Performance Management and Control

BX3014:03 Auditing

BX3021:03 International Trade

BX3022:03 Econometrics

BX3023:03 Economic Growth and Regional Development

BX3024:03 Contemporary Economic Policy and Social Welfare

BX3025:03 Forecasting

BX3031:03 Multinational Business Finance

BX3032:03 Advanced Business Modelling

BX3033:03 Project Evaluation

BX3041:03 Service Industry Marketing

BX3042:03 Service Quality Management

BX3043:03 Hospitality Cultures and People

BX3051:03 Employee Relations

BX3052:03 Cross-Cultural Management

BX3053:03 Personnel Economics

BX3054:03 Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management

BX3061:03 International Business

BX3072:03 Managing Small and Medium Enterprises

BX3073:03 Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies

BX3081:03 Interactive Marketing

BX3082:03 International Marketing

BX3083:03 Strategic Marketing

BX3091:03 Tourism and the Environment

BX3092:03 Destination Management

BX3093:03 Conference and Event Management

BX3094:03 Tourism Policy and Planning

BX3113:03 Advanced Taxation Law

BX3114:03 Bankruptcy and insolvency

BX3115:03 Advanced Commercial Law

BX3116:03 Advanced Company Law

BX3117:03 Law of Corporate Investigations

BX3118:03 Employment, Workplace and Industrial Relations Law

BX3119:03 Alternative Dispute Resolution

BX3120:03 Sport and Entertainment Law

BX3261:03 Business Negotiation