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Lead the way in creating a brighter future as you learn how we can live and develop more sustainably. With JCU Environmental Management, you’ll discover how ecosystems function and change over time and how societies may use, modify and conserve these dynamic environments and the resources they provide. Benefit from JCU’s world-class research in environmental science and management* and learn how biological, social, economic and political spheres interact and impact both our environment, and our societies.

You’ll be empowered to address the complex environmental challenges that you are passionate about in areas ranging from environmental governance, urban landscapes, biodiversity assessment and management, land and water management, and environmental and social impact assessment.

*Excellence in Research Australia 2018

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Throughout your JCU Environmental Management degree, you’ll study subjects ranging from sustainability, human geography or environmental law and policy, through to geographic information systems, hydrology or biological invasions. You’ll learn how to understand and manage natural systems in ways that also consider our social and economic needs.

Learn from experts in environmental science and management who apply world-class research to their teaching. You’ll build connections through professional placement and work experience, and have opportunities to develop and apply your skills in the field. You’ll participate in laboratory and field trip experiments in unique locations such as JCU Orpheus Island and JCU’s Daintree Rainforest Observatory, as well as in stunning settings like the inland Australia and the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef.

JCU Environmental Management graduates are equipped to engage with complex environmental problems. Your career options will include roles within organisations that manage social and environmental issues, including government departments, mining and construction companies, environmental consultancies, renewable energy industries, tourism businesses, local governments and environmental non-government organisations. You could work as a project manager, environmental sustainability planner, consultant, environmental officer, policy manager, or an urban environments and landscape designer.

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