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Voice to Parliament referendum


JCU acknowledges the historic moment that faces Australia as people must vote in a referendum on whether a Voice to Parliament should be enshrined in the constitution.

Enshrining a Voice to Parliament in the constitution means that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people would have a constitutionally guaranteed mechanism to provide advice to Parliament on matters that affect them. Putting the Voice into the constitution means that governments as they come and go may change/replace/adapt/improve the Voice, but no serving government could just abolish the Voice, without further constitutional change.

JCU acknowledges the history and processes that led to the Uluru Statement from the Heart, we are committed to reconciliation, and to the democratic process. In the lead-up to the referendum, we will work with the communities we serve to provide access to information and support civic dialogue that builds respect and shared understandings about what Australia can be when it is at its very best.

Read JCU University Council Statement on Voice to Parliament here.

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