what eResearch is

eResearch is a broad term associated with research activities around technology and its use to support new and existing research. It is characterised by novel, collaborative, multi-disciplinary and data/compute intensive research. The range of eResearch activities is highly diverse and ever-evolving.

JCU’s eResearch Centre is placed at the intersection of people and technology to:

  • Enable and engage in high quality research;
  • Promote and expose the work of researchers, their data and outcomes;
  • Facilitate collaboration and engagement.


backed by the brightest minds in technology

The JCU eResearch Centre is involved in many independent and collaborative research projects. These projects feature big data analytics, precision agriculture, conservation management, and environmental and urban applications of the Internet of Things. Applications from graduate students are welcome. Current projects include:

  • CliMAS: species distributions and biodiversity modelling
  • SensorQ: urban water quality sensing
  • Digital Homestead: sensor networks for cattle
  • Wallace Initiative: conservation planning through climate modelling
  • Biodiversity Climate Change Virtual Laboratory (BCCVL)
  • JCU Research Portfolio (


Bringing eResearch technologies to schools, local, national and international communities & governments.

We believe that eResearch is for everybody, so we love to get involved in community projects and education programs for school students. Get in touch to find out how we can tailor a workshop or seminar series for your school group, or find us in the MIXHAUS mobile pop-up maker space at events and locations around Townsville.


Visit the Vislab

The eResearch Centre offers research space for budding visualisers and 3D modellers. The Vislab is available to educators, researchers and students for the purpose of working on and showcasing their content in stereoscopic 3D.  Key features include:

  • Professional-grade passive 3D visualisation for research, multimedia, and other applications
  • High-resolution 4-metre projection display
  • Powerful rack-mounted workstation for CPU/GPU/RAM intensive processing
  • Seating capacity and polarised glasses for 45 people
  • Special 3D-to-2D glasses for visitor accessibility
  • Industry-standard support for stereoscopic 3D (NVIDIA 3D Vision & OpenGL 'quad-buffered' stereo)
  • Full media centre functionality

Location and Contact