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eResearch About the eResearch Centre

About the eResearch Centre

Digital Tools are now fundamental to your research.

eResearch is a broad term associated with research support services, tools and activities needed to conduct 21st century digital first.  The discipline of eResearch spans both research and research support and is now fundamental to research practice at JCU. Often eResearch is characterised by applying novel, collaborative, multi-disciplinary and data/compute intensive research. However, eResearch is now really pervasive and touches all research activity.

JCU’s eResearch Centre is placed at the intersection of people and technology and assists our researchers and collaborators to:

  • Enable and engage in high quality research practice;
  • Promote and expose the work of researchers, their data and outcomes;
  • Facilitate collaboration and engagement irrespective of location.

How we help

The eResearch centre support services constantly evolve as researchers adopt new technologies.  We support provisioning of computing and information resources located at JCU, with our state partner QCIF and through national eResearch partners such as ARDC. We provide access to advanced tools for research, create tailor-made solutions to help solve research problems from all disciplines.  We also partner with researchers to help them achieve their project goals.

The eResearch has a broad range of technical expertise and can help you with a wide range of technology related problems - from sensor installations to data cleaning, we can even help you get that pesky script working.  Contact us at or come and talk to us at Hacky Hour.

We support all JCU researchers but are particularly passionate about activities relevant to North Queensland, northern Australia and the world's tropical regions.

Fostering data-centric research practices

Our Centre is responsible for refining responsible research data practices at JCU and assisting researchers to achieve better impact and credit for their work.

In collaboration with the University's Library and Information Services and Technology Solutions Directorate we develop and maintain a data storage repository compliant with the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research.

We also offer a variety of services and outreach activities to help researchers capture, translate, analyse and store their data more effectively.