JCU Job Ready

Identify your career goals and start working towards them now

As you progress through your degree, aim to acquire the skills, knowledge, experience and attributes that give you the edge. Here are our recommendations of actions that will maximise your graduate employability. Start now, complete as many as you can and take charge of your career.

"I knew before starting university I wanted to gain an internship with a major accounting firm. In order to do so I had to take charge of my career and be super motivated and organised. Over the past two years I have studied at JCU Singapore, built networks with employers, created a LinkedIn profile, worked hard to gain good results and fine-tuned my interview skills using Big Interview. My hard work paid off. I gained paid internships in both Cairns and Brisbane for the summer vacation and secured a trainee accountant position for my final year of study."

Jessica Stopford

JCU Business graduate

"What makes a graduate stand out from the rest? We look for those who can tell their own story - who have done something, achieved something, contributed something back. We seek individuals from very diverse backgrounds who have a few things in common. Motivation, the desire to work with others and a really interesting personal story. What is your story going to be when you graduate? Enjoy your studies and remember to invest in your story. Future employers will be listening when you are ready."

David Cardiff

Human Resources professional