Adopting technology: How women play a critical role in agriculture

Key Information


13th May 2021







Insight and Discussion

Farming is ‘man’s work’ – or is it? The Internet of Things (IoT) is heralding a much-anticipated era of agriculture where adopting ag-tech will be critical to creating agricultural management efficiencies. With increasing demands for Australian beef and a shortage of rural workers, farmers are turning to on-farm technology to help manage livestock, crops and horticulture to boost productivity. While both men and women farm, it is women who are driving the technology from the farmhouse to the paddock, meaning women are playing a larger role in decision making in agri-business. As empowering as this shift in leadership is, the battle for equality is far from won. While men are adopting technology faster than ever before, women are primarily responsible for the purchase, installation and maintenance of adopted technologies, creating more responsibility for farming women.

Gain a fresh perspective with JCU’s Dr Rachel Hay into how Australian women are pivoting to embrace tech-based beef production practices. In this webinar, you’ll explore the engagement of women and technology in agriculture, especially the importance of rural women’s roles in managing technology and the valuable skills they bring to decision-making in management and leadership.