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#1 in Qld for starting salary1
Top 10 in Australia for Ecology2
5 Stars for social equity1
1 2024 Good Universities Guide | 2 2023 ShanghaiRanking Global Ranking of Academic Subjects

Our classroom of the future

A brighter future for the Tropics

JCU researcher.

JCU Research

JCU is committed to research that aims to address global challenges and improve outcomes for those living in the Tropics. Within Australia and across the globe, JCU prioritises high quality, high impact research.

From marine science to tropical medicine, and tourism to biodiversity, our academics engage with colleagues around the world to be at the forefront of innovation within their fields.

That’s why JCU has held a 5-Star rating for research by QS Stars since it began in 2021.

Discover how JCU is creating research with impact

6 highly cited researchers1
83% of JCU research fields ranked world class or higher2
$827 million economic impact in Queensland3
1 2023 Web of Science |  2018 Excellence in Research Australia | 3 2018 JCU Impact Report

Experience has no substitute

Tia (second from right) and a group of JCU students scuba diving.

Supplied by Tia Ngo Nguyen.

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Going beyond basics

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James Cook University in Queensland

You are forward-thinking and excited to meet the challenges of a 21st-century career. You are the product of your own unique history and the input of your family, friends and community. Shaped by the past, embracing who you are and the input of others, you are ready to take on your future.

Experience the incredible

The place you choose to prepare for your future should be as unique as you are. As you study with James Cook University, you partner with a university that has been shaped by history, embraces where it is and allows you to explore, discover, grow through research and teaching that makes a difference.

World-class education

Throughout your journey with the second-oldest university in Queensland, you will see the value of experience lived out in front of you. Embracing the lessons of history and leveraging the insights of generations, JCU is a leading university in Australia.

Study in a unique environment where world-class facilities, natural wonders and vibrant student life come together. At JCU take advantage of our world-class experience in teaching, research, and technological development to forge your own future.

Choose a Queensland uni with career-focussed courses, world-class researches and lecturers, and state-of-the-art facilities. JCU graduates are able to apply technical competencies, while thinking differently about the challenges facing the world. Be equipped with the expert knowledge and job-ready skills to excel in your chosen career path.

Committed to student success

You embrace the person you have become and are looking forward to engaging with like-minded people to grow your knowledge and skills further. Your experience should build on your understanding, help you to develop your full potential and give you access to sources of information and inspiration.

At James Cook University, study courses delivered by expert lecturers and world-class researchers. Gain a theoretical understanding through analysis and application. Apply your learnings to work and research situations and get feedback from professionals as you build your skills.

Network with invited guests from leading industry and scientific professionals who are regularly invited to share their expertise. Lecturers committed to student success will help you gain the confidence and practical skills for you to excel in your chosen field.

Ready today for tomorrow

The decision-makers and influencers of society are excited about the challenges and possibilities of the future. JCU graduates are ready today, for tomorrow - future-focused and committed to making a difference.

A degree and a job is important. Graduate from JCU job-ready, with problem solving skills that make you valuable to employers and confident to forge your future in the global workforce.

Develop an understanding of how theory applies to practical outputs. With your skills at gathering and analysing data or applying critical thinking to complex social issues, JCU graduates lead the way in solving tomorrow’s most pressing challenges.

Committed to a brighter future

We are unique products of experience, personality, and hopes. We are at our best when we acknowledge the past, take advantage of what we have, and work towards an even better future. You will find a university in Australia that embraces this concept when you study with JCU.

Environmental sustainability is at the forefront of teaching, learning and life at JCU. Learn in world-class facilities, like the JCU Science Place, built using a contemporary,  energy efficient design and collaborative classrooms.

Explore unique Australian ecosystems as you study on the doorstep of unrivalled research locations and access World Heritage natural environments. Work on the Great Barrier Reef at the JCU Daintree Rainforest Observatory or the JCU Fletcherview Research Station in the dry savannahs of the Australian Outback. Understand the intricacies of tropical climate and learn from world-class researches at the Australian Tropical Science and Innovation Precinct or the Australian Institute of Tropical Health & Medicine.

Build valuable professional networks while developing the skills and knowledge to make a difference. Become a leader in your field and help us create a brighter future for the world.