CEE Education Strategy

Education Strategy

The Centre for Education and Enhancement leads the development and implementation of JCU’s whole-of-University approach to achieving our goals for a transformative education for our students and the development of relevant policy and supporting frameworks.

Following the JCU Corporate Strategy, the JCU Education Plan articulates JCU’s strategic initiatives and measures for success in ensuring a transformative educational experience for our students.

The following links to information provide advice to educators regarding JCU's recommended practice and frameworks for learning, teaching and assessment.

Frameworks and recommended practice

For more information visit Curriculum Design

For more information visit The JCU Model

For more information visit Subject Outline Template

For more information visit Subject Transition Framework (STF)

For more information visit Subject Review Tool (SRT)

For more information visit Peer Review of Teaching (PRoT)

For more information visit Subject Lifecycle

Extra resources

Student employability and career development resources. Information for staff

Plan and structure all communications throughout the whole teaching period with a Communication Plan

Ensure you utilise the LearnJCU Subject Site Template by following the guide, Subject Site Setup

Contact us

Any questions?  Contact us at edadmin@jcu.edu.au.