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Student stories

JCU Brisbane’s community is made up of students from all over the world. Here, you can read their testimonials about their time studying abroad at JCU Brisbane.

Student stories by country

Dema Lhamo
Bachelor of Business, Hospitality and Tourism Management

“JCU Brisbane is progressive and very multicultural ... Read more

Rebeca Berti
Masters of Professional Accounting

“Being an MPA student is such an exciting challenge ... Read more

Jingfei Wu (Niki)
Bachelor of Business (Hospitality and Tourism Management)

“JCU seemed to me a very established university with an extremely rich history and reputation ... Read more

Abdelrahman Elghassnawi
Master of Information Technology (Business Informatics)

“Studying in Australia has been amazing. I have had so many wonderful experiences ... Read more

Andre Schuetz
Germany – MPA

“My experience with JCU Brisbane was great from the very beginning ... Read more

Vijay Srivatsa
Masters of Business Administration

“The contrast between my Indian and Australian educational experiences is extraordinary – they are totally different ... Read more

Querida Monserrate
Masters of Business Administration

“My experience has been fantastic ... Read more

Parth Shah
Masters of Business Administration

“Before I had come to Australia, I knew that JCU Brisbane had a reputation for being one of the best campuses ... Read more

Nishit Chandan
Masters of Professional Accounting

“My favourite part of studying at JCU Brisbane is getting to know students of more than 15 different countries ... Read more

Harshitha Paderu
Master of Information Technology

“When I decided to study at JCU Brisbane, it was and still is very well known for it’s graduate employability ... Read more

Kritesh Patel
Masters of Information Technology

“The reason I like studying at JCU Brisbane, is because even though it’s a small campus it feels like a community ... Read more

Keshav Ishwar
Masters of Information Technology

“I chose to study a Master of Information Technology at JCU Brisbane because the courses are well-structured, recognised globally ... Read more

Avisha Wadhwa
Masters of Professional Accounting

“James Cook University Brisbane is a place that nourishes the inner potential of every student ... Read more

Sumit Bansal
Masters of Professional Accounting

“Moving to Australia was a big step for me and it was not long before I realised that to get into the Australian job market, a degree would not be enough ... Read more

Abhishek Sharma
Masters of Professional Accounting

“It feels like a long time ago but I walked in the Joblinx office as a regular student, just four months ago ... Read more

In-Kyu Hwang
Bachelor of Business, Hospitality and Tourism Management

“Since I commenced my studies at James Cook University Brisbane I have felt very comfortable ... Read more

Daniela Gonzalez

“As an MITHM student I have found it’s vital to get as much experience as fast as possible. For this reason, I decided to visit Joblinx ... Read more

Buyankhishig Sergelenbaatar
Masters of Business Administration

“I had previously acquired a bachelor degree in Korea, and wanting to explore studying business abroad ... Read more

Vicky Kapka
Bachelor of Business, Accounting

“I like the smaller class sizes at JCUB. We are able to get more individual assistance from ... Read more

Relvie Tengdui
Papua New Guinea – MPA

“My MPA degree is challenging me to excel. By engaging with the Joblinx service I have learnt a great deal about how to effectively prepare myself for employment ... Read more

Vavinenama OE Aopi
Bachelor of Business (Hospitality and Tourism Management)

“As well as being a student I am also a part of the Student Mentor Program. As a student who has already experienced ... Read more

Adam Stronczak

“Small classes, friendly lecturers, urban setting, and close proximity to beaches is what I love most about James Cook University Brisbane ... Read more

Angelina Grigoryeva
Master in International Tourism and Hospitality Management

“Studying a Master in International Tourism and Hospitality Management at JCU Brisbane was a life-changing experience for me ... Read more

Stephan Leitan
Masters of Business Administration and Masters of International Tourism and Hospitality Management

“I chose to study here because the campus is located in Brisbane City, which is an Australian place I’d not visited before ... Read more

Nadeesha Wijemanna
Masters of Professional Accounting

“Even though I had several years of accounting experience in my home country, it is not easy to secure a job here without having Australian work experience ... Read more

Thanh Nguyen Do

“What I like the most about studying MIT at JCU Brisbane is that the subjects in the course are very practical ... Read more

Thi Thao Ngo

“Studying at James Cook University Brisbane is one of the best choices I have made ... Read more