Course Enrolment Planners

Course Enrolment Planners

Select your study area below and navigate to your degree. Your study plan will show you what subjects you have to enrol in (core subjects) and what choices you have for your optional subjects.

Study Areas

Arts Education and Social Science

Arts, Society and Education
For students who are studying Arts and Humanities, Creative Arts, Education, Social Sciences, Indigenous Studies, Languages or Social Work.

Law, Business and Creative Arts

Business, Law and IT
For students who are studying Law, Accounting, Economics, IT, Marketing, Management, Tourism or Events.

Medicine, Health and Molecular Science

Health and Medicine
For students who are studying Medicine, Biomedical Science, Medical Laboratory Science, Physicians Assistant, Sport and Exercise Science, Dental Surgery, Nursing Science, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Speech Pathology, Veterinary Science or Psychology.

Science and Engineering

Science and Engineering
For students who are studying Electrical and Electronic, Civil, Mechanical, Computer Systems, Chemical, Environment, Ecology, Geology, Biotech, Planning, Marine, Genetics, Maths, Physics or Zoology.