About Brisbane Campus facilities

Campus facilities

Located in a high-rise building in the Brisbane CBD, the JCU Brisbane campus gives you access to interactive learning spaces, a resource centre, a prayer room and comfortable student lounges where you can enjoy a pool table, carrom, table tennis, gaming consoles and more.

Students hanging out at the Student Lounge

Student lounge

The Student Lounge is the best place to hang out on campus! Drop by between classes, during lunch breaks or after hours to enjoy the pool table, table tennis, carrom, multiple televisions, couches and Xbox 360 consoles.

The lounge also has a separate kitchen equipped with fridge and microwave facilities, as well as a large dining area where you can enjoy your meals with friends.


The Student Lounge is located on the first floor (Level 1)

Opening hours 

Monday to Saturday 9:00am – 6:00pm
Pass required on weekends and public holidays

Prayer room

James Cook University Brisbane embraces the religious and spiritual diversity of our community. We recognise that some faiths require religious observance such as prayer and other ceremonial activities during university hours. To support this we have a multi-faith Prayer Room.

It is located on level 5 of the campus and is open to both JCU Brisbane students and staff. This room is designed to be a welcoming and accessible space for people of all faiths and traditions.

Australia has a multicultural population with a diverse range of religions and spiritual beliefs. For information on local religious communities and places of worship, please click here.

Please read the below guidelines and take care to understand the sensibilities of others, which may differ from your own.


The Prayer Room is located on the fifth floor (Level 5)

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 7:30am – 6:30pm


  • Please maintain an atmosphere of respect at all times.
  • Shoes are to be removed before entering the prayer room and placed on the shelf provided.
  • No alcohol is allowed in the Prayer Room.
  • Lighting candles or burning incense is prohibited.
  • Please take care to leave the Prayer Room clean and tidy at all times.

General information

The multi-faith Prayer Room is divided by a curtain to enable men and women to pray separately, for Muslims and others where this is a part of tradition. When the room is not in use the male users side can be also used by mixed gender groups of other traditions. Please maintain the female users side as a women-only space.

Cleaning/washing facilities are available in the level 5 bathrooms. Please take care to ensure that water is not splashed on the floor. Paper towels are available to keep this area dry.