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Employers are looking for individuals who can think outside the box and apply critical thinking skills. JCU Arts and Social Science will help you distinguish yourself by developing a breadth of perspective and the ability to express and implement ideas constructively and effectively within your chosen field.

Tailor your studies by choosing from 11 majors within JCU Arts and Social Sciences. Each major will give you a unique perspective on humanities and the arts. You can learn about cultural and ethnic diversity with Anthropology. If you’re fascinated by the past, dig into the richness of history with Archaeology. Explore the intricacies of governmental systems with Politics and International Relations, or combine your love of words with your analytical skills in English. You can be equipped to make a difference in the Australian context by learning about our nation’s history and its future with Indigenous Studies.

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JCU Humanities and Social Sciences empower critical and creative thinking. Learn to think outside of the box and become an effective problem-solver. You’ll study a broad range of topics and theories as you develop the tools you need to analyse modern challenges, raise important questions and work collaboratively to advance your field and contribute positively to society.

Take advantage of JCU’s unique position as a university for the Tropics and the Asia-Pacific region. You’ll learn about diverse cultures, peoples and societies, giving you insight into what brings people together and what drives them apart. With this foundation, you’ll become a leader in modelling mutual respect.

The knowledge and skills you gain in JCU Arts and Social Sciences are highly applicable in a variety of contexts. You can broaden the applications of your studies by choosing to undertake a joint degree with another study area that aligns with your interests and goals. JCU has options to combine a Bachelor of Arts with a Bachelor of Business, a Bachelor of Laws or a Bachelor of Science.

At JCU, you’ll embrace the opportunity to pursue your interests and passions throughout your career, even if it requires you to work in multiple areas. A degree in Arts and Social Science prepares you for a diverse career, with transferrable skills such as effective communication, critical thinking, cultural understanding and problem solving that you can carry from one occupation to the next.

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