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Learning about ourselves, the people around us and the cultures in which we live helps us create a better world. The degrees within the JCU Society and Culture study cluster promote a deeper understanding of our world and consider how we can use that knowledge to build stronger, more inclusive and fairer societies.

Learn to think creatively, analyse effectively, and build the critical thinking skills necessary to work in your chosen field. Develop transferable skills that will prepare you to find success in multiple fields relevant to humanities, social sciences and social work. You’ll be empowered to contribute to community wellbeing through understanding people and the social factors that influence quality of life, creativity, our interactions and our identities.

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JCU Arts and Social Sciences

Today’s employers are looking for individuals who can think outside the box and apply critical thinking skills. JCU Arts and Social Science will help you distinguish yourself through your breadth of perspective and ability to express and implement ideas constructively and effectively within your chosen field.

Specialise your studies by choosing from 12 majors within JCU Arts and Social Sciences. Understand cultural and ethnic differences with Anthropology. Dig into the richness of history with Archaeology. Embrace your creativity with literary analysis in English. Learn about our nation’s history and its future with Indigenous Studies.

The knowledge and skills you gain in JCU Arts and Social Sciences are highly applicable in a variety of contexts. You can broaden the applications of your studies by choosing to undertake a joint degree with another study area that aligns with your interests and goals. JCU has options to combine a Bachelor of Arts with a Bachelor of Business, a Bachelor of Laws or a Bachelor of Science.

At JCU, you’ll embrace the opportunity to pursue your interests and passions throughout your career, even if it requires you to work in multiple areas. A degree in Arts and Social Science prepares you for a diverse career, with transferrable skills such as effective communication, critical thinking, cultural understanding and problem solving that you can carry from one occupation to the next.

JCU Social Work

Are you driven to make a difference to people’s wellbeing? JCU Social Work equips graduates to help people thrive in their environments, promote positive relationships and work towards creating a just and equitable society. Learn how to work effectively in a range of fields, from rural and remote practice to NDIS, income support, mental health, homelessness, and domestic and family violence.

Gain the experience to stand out in your future workplace. JCU Social Work has a strong emphasis on professional practice experience, with over 1,000 hours of placement experience incorporated throughout the Bachelor of Social Work.

Your study and practical experience will develop your decision-making skills and prepare you to advocate for equitable solutions to major problems in society. Take part in research and placements that matter, as you gain a unique perspective on how social, political and economic factors influence outcomes for different communities. You’ll emerge with a particularly developed understanding of how your learning is applicable to the context of the Tropics, empowering you to assist rural, remote, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

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Society and Culture study options

Are you fascinated by how our cultures and societies operate? Do you want to understand the people around you and make a difference in their lives? The degrees within Society and Culture dive deep into understanding our world and how we can use that to help others. Explore JCU's study areas and find the path that can lead to your future.

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