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Study essentials Subject information

Subject information

Prescribed textbooks: Prescribed textbooks are texts listed as required reading in the subject outline and are intended as a primary source of study material for the subject.

Recommended texts: Recommended texts are secondary or supplementary texts that complement the subject study materials.

The purchase of prescribed and recommended textbooks is to provide alternative access for JCU students to learning resources listed on subject outlines. Students are normally expected to purchase or have access to their own copy of prescribed textbooks.

Textbook lists

Below you can find a list of required and recommended textbooks for each subject over the duration of your course. You are expected to have access to your own copy of the required reading for your subjects. Although textbooks listed as recommended are not essential, they offer additional information that complements subject content.

Additional resources

Below you can access additional information regarding online learning and study plans to help get you set up for success.

For all your Learning and Assessment needs, visit the Learning Centre.

2022 Trimester 2 – Subject timetable

Use the search bar or filter in the table below, or download the full timetable (PDF, 67 KB).

Please note: Trimester 2 starts on May 30 2022.