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Develop specialised business skills and benefit from targeted professional development with JCU’s tailored degrees. JCU Business supports you to enter the business sphere equipped with real-world industry experience and access to relevant networks. Gain an in-depth understanding of the contemporary issues, trends and ideas that influence modern enterprise and contribute your own fresh perspectives as you discover innovative new methods and strategies of doing business.

Make your mark in business intelligence and information systems, hospitality and tourism management, human resources management, international business, management, digital marketing, or sports and events management.

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As a JCU Business student, you will become adept at analysing, advising, and developing effective and sustainable business models. You’ll gain relevant industry experience and contacts through industry-aligned initiatives and practical work-experience opportunities.

The skills you gain in business strategy, entrepreneurial development, data-driven decision making, people management, international marketing and creating human experiences are highly transferrable across industries and essential to growing sustainable businesses.

Local, national and international business markets are under constant pressure to adapt, diversify and modernise their operations to meet customer needs. With a JCU Business qualification, you’ll be ready today for tomorrow.

Study Business at University

Do you want a degree that opens up endless career opportunities in different fields? Do you want a degree that provides you with skills that employers in all industries look for? A business degree is exactly that. Studying business is a choice that ensures you will always be a desirable employee and have access to a variety of roles in any field you’re interested in. You can end up working as a manager, entrepreneur, consultant or advisor, in marketing, public relations, tourism or other business areas. The world of business is always looking for new people with the skills and experience it takes to succeed, and that’s exactly what you’ll be able to bring to the table.

Choose to study business at JCU to secure your future career.

Studying Business at JCU

No matter what education you’ve previously had, JCU is bound to have a business pathway that suits your goals. From a one-year Diploma of Higher Education through to a range of master’s degrees, you can choose to study in a field of your choice. The one-year diploma is an excellent pathway into higher education for those who aren’t qualified for our bachelor’s degrees yet. As an undergraduate, you can choose to study a Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Business and Environmental Science or Law, Bachelor of Commerce and more. Postgraduates can study for a Graduate Certificate or a Master’s degree in a number of even more specialised fields, such as Business Administration, Conflict Management and Resolution, Governance and Leadership and many more.

Why Study Business?

Why is it such a good idea to study business at university? The reasons are many, and here are just a few of them.

  • A degree in business provides you with key skills that make you a valuable asset to companies in numerous industries, and a desirable employee for many businesses
  • You will graduate with many transferable skills and strong business knowledge, as studying business is a choice that makes you highly employable
  • Studying business is a great introduction to the world of business
  • You will have the skills and knowledge necessary to start your own business and become your own boss and be successful at it, too, if that’s what you dream of
  • Business is an excellent choice for those who aren’t sure what their future career aspirations are, because you will graduate with skills and experience applicable to many roles and different industries, giving you the flexibility to explore many career options after graduation

Why Study at JCU?

For the best Business Bachelor’s degree, you want to choose JCU. The degrees at JCU are superior for many reasons, including:

  • Offering a range of different majors and degrees to choose from
  • Providing many opportunities for networking and making business connections
  • Giving real-life work experience
  • Being taught by industry professionals and expert lecturers
  • Providing excellent outcomes, with full-time employment and high median salaries for previous graduates
  • Offering flexibility to study part or full time in Brisbane, Townsville, Cairns and online, depending on the degree

If you want to study for a Master or Bachelor of Business in QLD, apply to study at JCU through the online portal.

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