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The legal profession assists individuals, corporations and governments in navigating the complex system of laws, rights and responsibilities within Australia, and globally. JCU students learn from industry experts and legal professionals. An emphasis on independent thinking and innovative problem solving develops graduates equipped for contemporary legal practice.

You will develop an advanced understanding of contemporary standards of practice and forge effective links with leading professionals. JCU Law is a leader in providing a skills-based and multidisciplinary legal education.

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Study the role of law in social, economic, environmental and political contexts and its significance for stable government, economic prosperity and the protection of individual and cultural rights. Begin by developing an understanding of the institutions and processes that form the backbone of the legal system. You will then gain foundational skills in legal research, writing and analysis. As your studies progress, you will master the principles of contract law, torts, criminal law, evidence, equity and trusts, constitutional law, and more.

High level research and analysis skills will be at the forefront of your learning. You’ll also receive an education that considers the real-world implications of legal practice. Through both simulated scenarios and practical placements, you’ll hone your skills in an environment focused on hands-on learning. Students at JCU Cairns, Bada-jali campus will also benefit from North Queensland’s first ‘moot court’, which includes e-court facilities to provide practical training in 21st century law. With JCU’s Work Integrated Learning opportunities, you’ll be equipped to start your career sooner.

JCU law graduates emerge as practitioners who are committed to lifelong learning, intellectual development and displaying exemplary personal, professional and ethical standards. They have an understanding of First Nations peoples, reconciliation, diversity and sustainability. They also have a sense of their place in the Tropics and are charged with professional, community and environmental responsibility. They exhibit a willingness to lead and to contribute to the intellectual, cultural and social challenges of regional, national and international communities.

A law degree can empower you to advocate for change and assist others in a variety of fields. JCU law graduates go on to become solicitors in areas such as property law, commercial law, criminal law, intellectual property law, and more. Others choose to draw on their interdisciplinary learning to work in industries including commerce, economics, consulting, public policy and education. Law can also provide specialised pathways for further research degrees.

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