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Pursue your passion for psychology and gain an understanding of the mind and human behaviour. Help facilitate organisational and social change and conduct psychological research. As a JCU Psychology student, you’ll develop a strong foundation of psychological theory, practice and research skills as you study the human mind. Gain an understanding of how social, environmental and institutional factors influence the inner mind and human behaviour and learn to apply your knowledge in real-world settings.

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Learn about the research that explains the processes of the human mind and behaviour. You’ll gain insight into the application of that research to projects and supporting practice. Through studying the methods of research and data analysis, you’ll develop the skills to conduct your own research and contribute to your field of choice.

Strengthen your skills and knowledge to move beyond theories and basic practical strategies. Throughout your psychology course, you’ll reflect on how scientific methods apply to the human mind, and how psychology professionals work within the ethical contexts of human behavioural science.

Tailor your degree to suit your interests. Choose from a range of subjects, including organisational psychology, environmental psychology, health psychology and intercultural psychology.

Pursue careers in private practice, academic and applied research settings, counselling services, law courts, human relations services, hospitals, and schools. Build upon the foundation of your undergraduate degree to pursue further study to launch a career as a clinical, counselling or educational psychologist.

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