JCU Prep

Want to pursue university study but don’t have the qualifications you need for entry into your degree? JCU Prep is a pathway course that is ideal for students who don’t have an ATAR score or recognised experience and wish to gain entry into the Diploma of Higher Education. This online short course will prepare you for university through four weeks of intensive online study and experiential learning activities.

Study flexibly as you take the first steps toward tertiary education. Undertaking this short course online lets you study the way that suits you best, ensuring that you can organise study time and online classes around your commitments.

Upon successful completion of JCU Prep, you will not only be eligible for entry into the Diploma of Higher Education, but you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve success in your further studies. JCU Prep’s sole subject, Foundations of Academic Practice, will prepare you for university study by developing key foundational skills and study habits.

This course is available to Australian citizens and permanent residents and you must be turning 18+ in your first year of study.

There are no subject fees with JCU Prep, however, there is a Student Services and Amenities Fee for FS0120: Foundations of Academic Practice. Eligible students can defer this fee. Visit Student Services and Amenities Fee for more details.

JCU Prep gives you a solid foundation to build your university education upon and equips you to pursue your desired degree and future career, regardless of your academic background or prior experience.

JCU Prep is open for enrolments and you can apply directly through the JCU online application portal. Just select Register and Apply, fill out your details, and search for “JCU Prep”.

JCU Prep will provide you with:

  • The formal prerequisites to gain entry into the Diploma of High Education
  • Academic skills (literacy and numeracy) to enter and succeed in the Diploma
  • Experience of university study
  • Computing and information technology experience.

JCU Prep is a recommended pathway to university for:

  • People who didn’t finish high school
  • People who didn’t pass high school English
  • People who don’t think they are prepared for university study
  • People who are turning 18+ years in their first year.

You will complete one multidisciplinary subject in JCU Prep, FS0120: Foundations of Academic Practice. This subject will prepare you for tertiary study through the development of core academic skills in the areas of language, literacy, numeracy and digital literacies.

You will gain foundational-level experience in: studying tips, habits and styles; planning for, working on and completing assessments; and reading, writing, and using mathematics and digital technologies for university study.

Upon successful completion of this short course, you will be able to:

  • Explain core ideas in academic arguments such as claims, purpose and bias
  • Construct a basic academic text
  • Use foundational mathematical procedures to solve common numeric problems
  • Navigate online learning environments and use technologies for university study.

JCU Prep is exempt from Commonwealth Supported Place fees for eligible applicants. This means you won’t pay a fee for the subject, you will only be required to pay the Student Services and Amenities Fee.

For further information, contact the JCU Pathways team:

Email: pathways@jcu.edu.au
Phone: JCU Cairns (07) 4232 1155
Phone: JCU Townsville (07) 4781 5740