Future Students Online Early Childhood Education (ECE) Degree

How to Study an Early Childhood Education (ECE) Degree Online

Be ready today for tomorrow as you earn your Early Childhood Education degree from James Cook University. Not everyone has the same timeframe for their studies, and you can choose what works for you by pursuing your ECE degree online. Even online, you’ll take advantage of all JCU has to offer and achieve success in your distance academic career.

Are there barriers standing between you and the university degree that you need? You know where you want to go, but might not be sure that you can get there. Overcome the obstacles in your way through the flexibility of JCU’s online program.

You’ll fit your courses within the timeframe that is right for you so you can honour your family and work commitments while still achieving your study goals. Study any time and from any place with a connected device, and instead of worrying about travelling to the exam site or getting to a specific location to submit assignments, submit everything online.

For each of your subjects, you’ll work with a specific study group and enjoy all the benefits of peer interactions just as you would if you took your courses in a physical classroom. Study from lecturers committed to student success, overseen by tutors ready to answer your questions online or even by phone.

In order to succeed in your online courses, you need a great online platform. JCU's robust LearnJCU online learning platform is built from the ground up with busy working students like yourself in mind. Throughout your studies, you’ll have access to everything you need to advance your career in a highly interactive learning environment.

One of the best things about an early childhood degree is the chance to make a real difference in the lives of children and help them get a great start in life. When you choose JCU for your early childhood education online courses, you know you’re working with professionals who want you to succeed so that the next generation can succeed through you. Your first step to that success is talking to Pathways guides at JCU who can help you build your online study plans.

Your plan for success should be based on what’s right for you. You’ll choose one subject to study at a time and can take up to six subjects per year as you study early childhood education at a distance. If you need time to fulfil existing responsibilities, take just a few courses in the year. If you prefer to get started on your career more quickly, you can take six full courses in a year and graduate much faster than if you’d followed traditional part-time study courses.

To succeed with an online degree, you have to strike a balance between staying focused and motivated in your studies and keeping up with work and family commitments. By working on just a single subject during each seven-week period, you’ll be able to maintain your focus yet have time for other responsibilities. Having professional experience is also important for career success, and your online degree includes 120 days of professional placement to help you maximise your experience while minimising time away from other obligations.

Plan to Win

Decide from the start that you will make it through to the very end and expect your online studies to be just as rigorous as studies on campus. If you’re prepared mentally for the challenge and committed to seeing it through, you’ll show future employers – and yourself – that you can undertake a challenge and finish it successfully.

Prepare Your Family

All of us need the support of our families to succeed in our careers. Your online ECE courses make it easier for you to get that support. Let your family know when you start working through each course so they can help you plan it into your schedule in the way that works best for you all.

Study As If You Were There in Person

Plan out your course of study as if you were actually on the university campus. Give your studies the time and attention they deserve and apply yourself every day rather than waiting till the end to cram. Stay organised, read course materials so you know what’s expected, and keep a daily calendar of your deadlines and the progress you make towards meeting them.

Take Advantage of All Resources

You have an amazing array of resources at your disposal with JCU. Explore all these resources as you get started on your early childhood education online degree from JCU. Connect with College Student Support Officers and JCU's Student Centre early on, so you know what’s available and how to use it effectively. You’ll get all the support you need to succeed from mentors, counselling services, conflict support, and advisers.

Establish a Routine

Your online courses are flexible. Take full advantage of that flexibility with an established routine that helps you make the most of your classes while meeting your other commitments. As you start your first class, choose a study location that fits your personality and study needs. You might be the sort of person who needs total silence to concentrate, or you might be someone who needs a bit of background noise. Whatever you choose, returning to a consistent comfortable place each time you are ready to do more work will signal to your mind that it’s time to concentrate.

Communicate Regularly

Stay connected through the LearnJCU study platform. Keep in touch with classmates, lecturers, tutors, and mentors through regular communication and proactively collaborate on projects to build your professional network. Ask questions to focus your understanding and get the most out of your courses. Make the most of every opportunity by reaching out just as you would if you were studying in person.

Your world-class education begins here, with your ECE degree online from JCU. It’s an exciting time: as you earn this degree you’re going to master the fundamental perspectives of education and practice and how to approach teaching as a profession. You’ll learn how sustainability and education intersect and the importance of a strong foundation of literacy for young students, and you’ll apply all this knowledge to changing lives.

Keep your end goal in mind as you study. You’re not just learning information. You’re preparing yourself to change young lives for good by mastering the physical, moral, emotional, cognitive, and other foundational issues of human development. You’re preparing to be a part of building stronger communities as you gain a strong understanding of diversity and how cross-cultural issues affect learners.

Your early childhood education online courses at James Cook University will prepare you to make a difference in the lives of young students anywhere, from the biggest cities to the most marginalised rural communities. Most importantly, you will be taking charge of your own future.

You don't have to go far, to go far. Contact JCU today and get started on your early childhood education degree online.