Future Students Bachelor Degree of Primary School Teaching & Education

How to Obtain a Bachelor Degree of Primary School Teaching & Education

Teaching is one of the most rewarding careers you could choose. As a teacher, you will have a profound effect on the lives and futures of the young children in your care. With a Bachelor of Education (Primary) online, you can prepare for this important future while still fulfilling work and family responsibilities.

Your studies at JCU will equip you to teach young students and mentor them holistically considering all their physical, intellectual, emotional, and social needs. As a primary teacher you may be able to help children in marginalised rural areas or work with students who have special needs. Your meaningful future starts with a Bachelor of Education (Primary) distance education degree.

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A Significant Future

A child's whole future can be changed by their early educational experiences. It's not just a matter of what they learn, but also how they are taught. Your teaching degree prepares you for a genuinely significant future where you'll see visible results for your efforts. One of the best things about working in education is the opportunity to be there for those moments when a child truly understands a concept or grasps the consequences of their behaviour. Equip yourself to build an inclusive learning environment that meets the needs of all students through JCU's unique relationships with schools and educators.

The benefits of your training in education aren't all for the students. Through your world-class education, you'll build professional qualifications in a range of school settings. Whether you want to make a difference in rural and remote areas, prefer a busy urban environment, or want to work abroad, you'll be equipped to pursue a successful future.

Know Yourself

A degree and a job is important, but you also need the future that is right for you as an individual. The first step in your Bachelor of Education (Primary) distance education course is deciding whether this is the right career for you.

As a primary school teacher, you'll need patience and compassion to work with children from different backgrounds with differing abilities. It's also crucial that you be a creative and organised person so you can develop effective programs that meet the needs of all children under your care. Communication skills are also key, not only to work with students but also to collaborate with colleagues and parents.
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To enter a Bachelor of Education (Primary) online, you'll need a certain standing in English, a Mathematics subject, and a General Science subject. If you're lacking some of these prerequisites, don't let that deter you. There are pathways to university that can get you the prerequisites you need for a successful academic career.

Choose one of JCU's pathway courses; take a bridging course, study a Diploma of Higher Education, or consider a Tertiary Access Course. Through these and other alternatives, you can gain confidence in your higher education academic skills, fulfil important prerequisites you need to qualify, and get specialised support as you transition to a higher education degree course.

One of the best things about being a primary teacher is teaching the whole curriculum. You engage with your students across fields, identifying where each student's strengths and weaknesses lie and helping them develop. Specialise in English/Literacy, Mathematics/Numeracy, Science and Health or Physical Education.

Whether you love to help children with reading difficulties, want to teach students how to use technology effectively for their future then this course will be the right path for you. If you desire to share your passion for science and ecology with the next generation, or have a particular interest in how physical well-being affects the whole person, your specialisation personalises your degree and prepares you for the future you want.

One important benefit of getting your Bachelor of Education (Primary) online is flexibility. Online degree programs are designed particularly for students with busy lives. Continue with work and your important family responsibilities while you study your education bachelor online.

You have the freedom to choose up to six different subjects in the course of the year, but you can also do fewer as your schedule dictates. By taking your courses one at the time, you can focus all your attention on one area of study and master what you need to succeed. Even if you take six subjects in each year, you still have 10 weeks of breaks that allow you to keep your work, life, and study balance healthy.

You will use the knowledge you gain through foundational courses throughout your career. Your professional placement experience, higher-level courses, and your specialisations will all build on your mastery of core subjects. Work with the enrolments team to plan your subjects to successfully obtain your primary school teaching degree online.

Teaching can be a complicated profession deeply entwined with issues of equality and diversity, and foundational to community. The core subjects will help you to understand the profession of teaching and the issues that affect it.

It's also important for you as an educator to understand how students learn and the changes in cognitive development that take place between birth and adulthood. As a teacher, you'll work with young people who are developing quickly in every area, from the physical to the emotional, the cognitive to the psychosocial. A rewarding aspect of teaching is helping children understand themselves at the same time as they learn about the world around them. As you earn your primary teaching bachelor online, you'll gain the skills you need to guide students through these important transitional years.

When you gain a primary school teaching degree online, you open up new career possibilities for yourself. The key to obtaining your Bachelor of Education (Primary) online is to commit to the process and see it through. An online education offers flexibility and freedom; at the same time, it requires discipline and self-motivation.

Even though you are not in a traditional classroom setting, create a regular schedule and set aside a particular space to pursue your studies. As you get in the habit of keeping to the schedule, you'll feel mentally prepared to engage with your courses whenever you enter your designated study space. Most importantly, remember that you are not alone in this process. You have access to all the university resources at JCU, and the more you interact with other students in the class, the more you'll get from your courses.

Even if you don't have the time and resources to commit to full-time university study, you can get a bachelor's degree online and prepare yourself for a rewarding future career. Know yourself, plan your courses, and work towards your own future with a degree from a uni committed to student success.