News and events Design Sprint Challenge: Collaboration with Suncorp

Tue, 11 Jul 2023
Categories: Students, International.

Over the course of two days, on Monday, July 3rd, and Tuesday, July 4th, the students were given an opportunity to tackle a problem. The challenge involved testing and learning how to leverage Generative AI for the Insurance value chain.

As the world rapidly embraces artificial intelligence, university students are increasingly interested in exploring innovative technologies. One such revolutionary tool is Chat GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), an advanced language model developed by OpenAI. To engage the creative minds of James Cook University Brisbane students, we present the Design Sprint Challenge in collaboration with Suncorp, an exciting opportunity for students to harness the potential of Chat GPT and unleash their creativity.

The students have participated in two workshops to get ready for the Design Sprint Challenge. One of the workshops focused on 'How to prompt with Chat GPT' and the second workshop was about  'Suncorp Insurance Real Cases & Current Problems.'

The collaboration provided valuable assistance and support to the students. Manelle Issa, Senior Advisor Digital Capability at Suncorp Group, expressed her enthusiasm for the design sprint challenge and the partnership. Swarnee Guhathakurta, Talent & Leadership Advisor at Suncorp Group, found the cases explored during the sprint to be genuinely inspiring. Megan Cruickshank, Senior Innovation Manager at Suncorp Group, appreciated the experience and thanked James Cook University Brisbane for the opportunity. Lastly, Josh M. KakumbaView, a professional with expertise in Future Technology, User-Centered Design, and Product Development, commended the teams at James Cook University Brisbane for their excellent pitches and the diverse aspects they explored.

The Design Sprint Challenge is an exciting platform to unleash the potential of AI and language models in addressing real-world problems. Through interdisciplinary collaboration and innovative thinking, students can harness the power of Chat GPT to create solutions that enhance education, communication, and campus life. This challenge not only cultivates technical skills but also encourages creativity and empathy, empowering the next generation of AI enthusiasts to drive positive change in the world.