News and events JCU Brisbane 2023 graduates stepping into the future

Mon, 9 Oct 2023
Categories: Students, International.

On 3 October 2023, students from 24 different countries graduated from James Cook University Brisbane. The ceremony was a testament to their academic achievements, and they were joined by the dedicated academic and professional staff of JCU Brisbane who had guided and supported them throughout their educational journey.

The distinguished attendees of the graduation ceremony included Professor Ngiare Brown, Chancellor of James Cook University; Professor Simon Biggs, Vice Chancellor and President of James Cook University Australia; Hon Grace Grace, Minister for Education, Minister for Industrial Relations and Minister for Racing and Sarina Russo, Managing Director and Founder of the Sarina Russo Group and Kathleen Newcombe, CEO of the Sarina Russo Group.

The graduating students had excelled in various academic disciplines, ranging from Graduate Certificates to Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

Chancellor Ngiare Brown, an alumna of James Cook University and the esteemed Chancellor, welcomed everyone to the Brisbane graduation ceremony, expressing gratitude and respect to the traditional custodians of the land. She emphasised the significance of this moment for the graduating cohort, highlighting their dedication, passion, and determination in achieving this significant milestone. Chancellor Ngiare Brown also encouraged the graduates to continue their pursuit of knowledge beyond this day, weaving learning into the fabric of their lives. She extended her appreciation to the university staff and encouraged graduates to maintain connections with the university and fellow alumni, fostering a sense of belonging and contributing to future generations. She concluded by urging the graduates to carry the values and knowledge gained into a bright future and make lasting memories on this meaningful day.

Following this, the students crossed the stage to receive their well-deserved degrees from Chancellor Ngiare Brown. The ceremony proceeded with an address by Sarina Russo, an icon of entrepreneurship, who was also honoured with an Honorary Doctor of Commerce. Sarina reflected on her remarkable journey and congratulated the students on taking charge of their futures, particularly during such turbulent times. She shared valuable insights, urging the graduates to prioritise their health, stay empowered, believe in themselves, and take the first step towards their aspirations.

The Minister, Grace Grace, extended her heartfelt congratulations and appreciation to the graduating students during her speech. The Minister encouraged all the graduates in the audience, expressing her belief in their

potential to achieve greatness, encouraging them to seize opportunities and pursue their dreams with determination and enthusiasm.

Manasvi Dabholkar, one of the graduating students, in her address to fellow graduates, celebrated the immense contribution of parents, families, and friends—the unsung heroes behind their success. The student then spotlighted the dedicated university staff, emphasising their instrumental role in navigating the academic rollercoaster. Reminiscing about the challenges and victories shared during the educational voyage, from early morning lectures to the trials of assignments, they acknowledged the growth and achievement earned.

This graduation ceremony showcased the diversity and excellence of JCU Brisbane, representing 27 different courses across 6 colleges with students from 24 different countries. The event was a true celebration of academic achievement and a promising beginning for the graduates as they embark on their future endeavours. If you wish to witness the full JCUB Brisbane graduation ceremony, you can watch the video here.

Heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to our graduating students—the future shines brightly for each one of you!