Master of Health Professional Education

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Medicine, Health and Molecular Sciences

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Course Structure



Advanced Standing

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Admission Requirements

Course pre-requisites

Completion of an undergraduate course at this or another university with minimum of 2 years work experience or equivalent qualifications and experience. In exceptional circumstances, students may be admitted on conditional terms, at the discretion of the Course Committee.

Minimum English Language Proficiency Requirements

Students of non-English speaking backgrounds must have an adequate English language capacity assessed under the Australian International English Language Testing System (IELTS). The IELTS score required for admission to this course can be found in Schedule I of the JCU Admissions policy.

Additional entry requirements

In some instances students may be called for interview, prior to admission.

Post  admission requirements

For flexible delivery option, computer and internet access is required.

Closing date

30 June

31 December (mid-year entry the following year)

Academic Requirements for Course Completion

Credit points

36 credit points as per course structure.

Additional course rules


Additional completion requirements


Course learning outcomes

The Masters in Health Professional Education enables health professionals working in regional, remote and tropical Australia to complete a postgraduate qualification which enhances their teaching and learning skills to an advanced level. They will develop advanced knowledge, skills and attitudes to design, deliver, evaluate and research best practice teaching and learning opportunities for students in the health professions. They will possess expertise to lead improvements in teaching and learning opportunities for students training in a range of professions across the health sector.

Graduates of the Masters of Health Professional Education will be committed to responsible, ethical and professional conduct in their leadership roles as educators and will work to foster their practice through professional development and the application of evidence-based practice.

Graduates of the Master of Health Professional Education will be able to:

  • Demonstrate advanced and integrated knowledge of evidence-based teaching and learning strategies, assessment, evaluation and curriculum design at an advanced or “leader” level of practice

  • Investigate, analyse and synthesise theories and principles of health professional education to solve complex problems unique to regional, remote and tropical Australia with a high degree of autonomy, expert judgement, adaptability and responsibility

  • Develop leadership skills in the design and delivery of health professional education at a course, program and/or institutional level

  • Engage in research to critically evaluate, reflect on and apply new knowledge to the practice of health professional education

  • Demonstrate a high level of personal autonomy and accountability for own professional development in a leadership role in medical/health professional education

  • Conceptualise, interpret and justify principles, theories and methods of medical/health professional education for a variety of audiences at an advanced level of written and spoken English

  • Design, manage and conduct a research‐based project with professionalism and careful consideration for current ethical principles.

Course Structure

Core Subjects

HS5405:03 Teaching for Learning in the Health Professions

HS5406:03 Strategies for Clinical Teaching

HS6405:03 Assessment and Evaluation in Health Professional Education

HS6407:03 Curriculum Design and Renewal in Health Professional Education

HS6408:03 Leadership in Health Professional Education

HS7405:03 Evidenced-based Health Professional Education


Select 6 credit points of subjects from one of the following groups

Group 1

HS5409:03 Innovative Teaching in the Health Professions

HS5410:03 Health Professional Education through Action Research

Group 2

(Note: This group is only available for health practitioners currently registered as nurses)

NS5407:03 Contemporary Issues in Nurse Education

NS5408:03 Implementation of Clinical Teaching Strategies


HS7407:06 Research Project (Health Professional Education) or HS7408:03 Research Project (Health Professional Education) Part 1 of 2 and HS7409:03 Research Project(Health Professional Education) Part 2 of 2


Select six credit points of elective subjects approved by the Course Coordinator







Expected time to complete

18 months full-time or equivalent part-time

Maximum time to complete

6 years

Maximum leave of absence

1 year


Course progression requisites


Course includes mandatory professional placement(s)


Special assessment requirements


Accreditation requirements


Maximum allowed Pass Conceded (PC) grade


Supplementary exam for final subject

A candidate who has failed the final subject towards the award and who gained 40% or more of the marks for that subject may be granted a supplementary examination in that subject. However if that subject is required for accreditation, then the criteria specified by that accreditation will apply.

Advanced Standing


Candidates may apply for advanced standing for previous tertiary study in accordance with the Advanced Standing for Previous Studies and Recognised Prior Learning policy associated procedures

Maximum allowed

12 credit points


Advanced standing will be granted only for subjects completed in the last 6 years prior to the commencement of this course.


Advanced standing gained for any subject shall be cancelled 12 years after the date of the examination upon which the advanced standing is based if, by then, the candidate has not completed this course.

Other restrictions


Award Details

This is a joint degree


Inclusion of majors on testamur

Not applicable - this course does not have majors

Exit with lesser award

Candidates who exit the course prior to completion, and have completed 12 credit points of appropriate subjects, may be eligible for the award of Graduate Certificate of Health Professional Education OR Candidates who exit the course prior to completion, and have completed 24 credit points of appropriate subjects, may be eligible for the award of Graduate Diploma of Health Professional Education.

Course articulation

Candidates who complete this course are eligible for entry to the equivalent graduate courses, available at the time, within JCU guidelines and may be granted advanced standing for all subjects completed under this course.

Special Awards

Where coursework is completed at a grade point average of 6 or above, the Pro Vice Chancellor, on the recommendation of the Head of School of Medicine and Dentistry may recommend the award of a Master of Health Professional Education with Distinction.