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Expand your career opportunities within the health services with a comprehensive understanding of rehabilitation and its applications. You will develop an awareness of important topics including chronic conditions, evidence-based practice, and cultural responsiveness principles. Benefit from the opportunity to align your specialisation with your existing degree. With core opportunities within occupational therapy, speech pathology and physiotherapy, and potential to align with nursing and medicine qualifications, you’ll take control over your healthcare pathway.

Advance your knowledge and skillset through JCU’s expert lecturers and industry partnerships. Through our state-of-the-art facilities, you’ll experience practical learning and embrace opportunities to gain expertise in the field. JCU Rehabilitation students are highly valued for their evidence-based clinical skills and the flexibility and adaptability they bring to their workplaces. With a focus on health and rehabilitation within the Tropics, you’ll be equipped with unique insights into the challenges of rural and remote health care.

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JCU Rehabilitation is a ‘nested’ degree, meaning you can enter at a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or Master’s level. Our flexible study options mean you can further your studies by extending to the next level or pause them and emerge with the qualification level you have already met. JCU Rehabilitation caters to students at all different stages of their career and our Student Advisors can work with you to determine the best pathway.

Graduate with specialist knowledge and technical skills in designing, managing and evaluating rehabilitation plans within a variety of health contexts. You will develop a chronic condition rehabilitation business case relevant to your service context, ensuring you are equipped to further your skills in the 21st century healthcare workforce. Explore career opportunities within a variety of contexts, including mental health, palliative care, and rural and remote contexts. With options to specialise based on your prior qualifications, you’ll find the subject combination best suited to furthering your career and professional goals.

You’ll learn and develop amongst our world-class lecturing team, all of whom have practical experience across the field. JCU graduates are in high demand, with their skills and expertise highly valued across regional and metropolitan workplaces.

Those completing a Master’s level qualification can also choose to incorporate a research element to their degree, in preparation for PhD study. Tailor your degree to suit your goals, whether that be further study or career development.

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