Funding Your Studies

Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships and Grants provides information specific to international students. These scholarships include those offered by JCU and externally.

Financial Aid

There are some countries that have financial aid programs available to their students when studying abroad. To find out if your home country offers financial aid to students studying overseas, you generally need to explore your options directly with your home government.  Most financial aid is in the form of a loan that must be repaid upon completion of the study period.

The countries that offer financial aid programs that JCU is currently aware of, and is registered to administer on your behalf (where applicable), are listed below. If you are coming from one of these countries and want to find out if you are eligible please follow the links:




If you have funding from your home country and require assistance with paperwork (e.g. confirming your enrollment), contact

Sponsored Students

Students who have a financial sponsor paying university fees on their behalf will need to seek approval prior to the commencement of studies if the sponsorship is to be officially recognised by the University.  Official sponsorships can only be established between the University and an organisation (e.g. foreign university, government or business).  Personal or family related sponsorships cannot be officiated.  For more information, please contact

If you wish to provide authorisation for a third party to act or make enquiries on your behalf in relation to your proposed or existing enrolment at JCU, please complete and return the third party authorisation form (PDF 142KB). It is important to note that by completing this form you are waiving your privacy protection and permitting the release of personal information to a third party. To cancel this authority, please contact