About Our Elite Athlete Program

James Cook University has been part of the Elite Athlete Education Network (EAEN) since 2013. This program provides support and flexibility for formally identified elite athlete students. Flexible options may include support with academic study loads and assessment deadlines. JCU’s Elite Athlete Program (EAP) aims to help students achieve success both on the sporting field and in the classroom. From business to sport and exercise science, Elite Athletes are studying a range of courses at JCU.

James Cook University is a member of UniSport Australia’s Elite Student Athlete Pathway Program.

Excelling in the classroom and on the court

For Benson Emery, balancing his final year of high school and his passion for volleyball was no easy feat. With the support of JCU’s Elite Athlete Scholarship, Benson is thriving in both.

Excelling in the classroom and on the court

Elite Athlete Scholarship

What our program provides

When you join our elite athlete program, assistance may include:  advice and guidance on academic planning, course management and timetabling, provide support in flexible study and assessment options, recognition of credit achieved at other universities both internationally and interstate, towards study options at JCU.

To support your study, you may also receive

The program is administered annually, so students need to reapply each year to maintain access throughout their studies.

Elite Athlete makes the right call

Wyatt Raymond is a professional rugby league referee with his eyes on the NRL and the skills and passion for the game to get him there.

Elite Athlete makes the right call