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About Open Education

JCU Library has a deep commitment to the principles of Open Education and the deliberate dismantling of financial, legal, and inclusion barriers that impede access to high-quality learning resources. In 2021, JCU Library launched the highly successful JCU Open eBooks initiative, and has accelerated these efforts with the 2024-2025 Textbook Affordability Project.

Open Education empowers the creation, adaptation, and distribution of educational materials across various media formats. By fostering a culture of openness, collaboration, and accessibility, Open Education not only supports individual learning journeys, but also cultivates a pathway towards a brighter global future. It is through education that the world can collectively address universal challenges and enhance the well-being and prospects of individuals worldwide.

We can support you to explore a zero textbook cost (ZTC) experience for your students:

  • A curated, customised Reading list
  • Adoption, adaptation, or creation of an Open eBook
  • Existing library resources

If you are interested in supporting Open Education through free, accessible, high-quality textbook alternatives, we would love to hear from you!

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