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Thu, 1 Jan 2015

JCU hits 'em for six

James Cook University is again toasting its success, winning a clean sweep of national teaching and learning awards.

JCU hits ‘em for six

James Cook University is again toasting its success, winning a clean sweep of national teaching and learning awards.

JCU is one of two Australian universities to win all of the six possible Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor for the Division of Academic and Student Life, Professor Sally Kift said it’s an outstanding result for JCU to receive the maximum number of awards.

"It highlights the passion, commitment and excellence of our dedicated teaching staff and confirms JCU's leadership position in the sector in learning and teaching.”

The Office for Learning and Teaching awards the citations to recognise excellence in teaching and outstanding contributions to student learning. Details of the citations and winners are below.

"These national Citations recognise and reward the impact that each of our dedicated teachers has had both in their discipline and on our students' experience of their learning. The Citations showcase our many new and exceptionally innovative approaches to learning and teaching,” Professor Kift said.

The Citations come just weeks after JCU again scored strong results in an authoritative ranking of global universities, as well as Australia’s Good Universities Guide.

Professor Kift has congratulated all of the Citation winners and thanked them for their outstanding contributions to students' learning.

“Our students deserve the best possible learning environments and these awards demonstrate that across our JCU campuses and disciplines - in this instance, ranging across science, teacher education, creative arts, multi-media journalism, maths and medicine - students are getting the best of the educational opportunities available in Australia."

Each of the winners receives $10,000 and will be presented with their Citations at a ceremony in Brisbane on September 29th.

Photos of the winners are attached.

Citation and Winner Details:

Dr Lisa Chilton, Dr Suzy Munns and Dr Donna Rudd

For Demand evidence and think critically: building research excellence in tomorrow's scientists.

Dr Louisa Tomas Engel

For enabling diverse teacher education cohorts to experience profound engagement in science and sustainability through a blended learning approach.

Dr Katja Fleischmann

For One Amongst Many: employing peer learning and teaching to successfully support first year creative arts students' individual creative development in large class environments.

Dr Amelita Forbes

For leadership and excellence in developing and delivering a pioneering WIL-based curriculum in multimedia journalism resulting in highly employable graduates: Wired for Employment.

Maths in Science Teaching, Research and Development Team, Dr Yvette Everingham, Mr Shane Blowes, Professor Sean Connolly, Ms Tanya Doyle, Mr Robin Gilliver, Associate Professor Emma Gyuris, Ms Jennifer Hodge, Professor Rhondda Jones, Mr Patrick Peacock, Professor Peter Ridd, Ms Clair Stark and Mr Justin Sexton

For innovative team-based approaches to enhancing first-year students' engagement, confidence and learning achievement in mathematics—the common language for the natural sciences.

The Intimate Teaching Team, Dr Paula Heggarty, Mr Allan Forde, Dr Don Gamage, Dr Bridget Hartslief, Dr Mangalasiri Parana Hewage, Mrs Kathy Pratt, Dr Roy Rasalam, Mrs Poornima Roche, Dr Max Stewart, Dr Aileen Traves, Dr Deirdre Tweedie and Dr Torres Woolley

For Intimate examinations: facilitating a respectful and authentic approach to learning that creates confidence and competence among diverse medical students.

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