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Mon, 12 Sep 2016

A shared future for JCU and UPNG

Academic, research and teaching ties between James Cook University (JCU) and the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) will strengthen in coming years, according to JCU Vice Chancellor Professor Sandra Harding.

Professor Harding was speaking at the project celebration for the three-year Twinning Project established in April 2015.  

“James Cook University is delighted to be partnering with UPNG with the support of the Australian Government. There is a huge untapped potential in Papua New Guinea for research collaborations, and both universities have a shared commitment to enhance tropical regions worldwide and build teaching capacity and research capability,” Professor Harding said at JCU’s Cairns campus.

Under the Twinning arrangement, a series of learning and research activities are being delivered that focus on enhancing the teaching quality and research capacity across both universities.

UPNG’s teaching quality will be enhanced by having academics undertake a Graduate Certificate in Education. Three courses are being held between 2015-2018, with the first course being delivered entirely by JCU and the remaining two increasingly delivered by UPNG lecturers.

According to UPNG Vice-Chancellor Professor Albert Mellam, 25 UPNG academics are undertaking JCU’s internationally recognised and Australian accredited Graduate Certificate of Education.

“UPNG and JCU are a natural fit when it comes to collaboration; both universities have strong backgrounds in tropical science and knowledge that will facilitate joint research and the exchange of ideas,” Professor Mellam said.

Minister-Counsellor Benedict David representing the Australian High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea, described the Twinning Arrangement as symbolic of the broader economic, social and people-to-people relationships between Australia and Papua New Guinea.

“The collaboration, cooperation and good work happening with the Twinning Arrangement between the two universities is symbolic of how Australians and Papua New Guineans at all levels are increasingly interacting with each other, whether it be at the level of industry, business, government, education, tourism or simply as good friends,” Mr David said.

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