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Fri, 12 Feb 2016

Public lecture: how eclipses changed Kate’s career orbit

James Cook University Outstanding Alumnus Dr Kate Russo will give a free public lecture tomorrow (Tuesday 16 February) on how she has been able to carve an alternative career path out of her passion for solar eclipses.

Born in Ingham, Dr Russo studied psychology at JCU and went on to build a distinguished career as a clinical psychologist in England and Northern Ireland.

She witnessed her first total eclipse in 1999 and has been a dedicated eclipse chaser ever since.

Her JCU Alumni public lecture will focus on how her passion for eclipses has led to her lecturing, advising tourist organisations and communities, and liaising with agencies such as the BBC and NASA.

Dr Russo is visiting the Cairns region before chasing her next total solar eclipse, in Indonesia on Wednesday 9 March. This will be seen as a partial eclipse across northern Australia, with 17% of the sun obscured by the moon in the Cairns region.

Further information is available at www.beingintheshadow.com

Dr Russo’s lecture will be held at JCU’s Crowther Theatre in Smithfield on Tuesday 16 February, opening at 5.30pm for a 6.00pm start.