Featured News Super news: Supa IGA to open at JCU Townsville campus

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Thu, 13 Apr 2017

Super news: Supa IGA to open at JCU Townsville campus

JCU is excited to announce a “Supa IGA” store will open at James Cook University’s Douglas campus.

The Supa IGA will be located in the Clinical Practice Building and will replace the existing Woolworths supermarket.

The Supa IGA will be operated by the Bansal Group, which is an experienced and successful retail grocery operator that operates 16 stores in south-east Queensland and one in Western Australia.

The Project Director for Discovery Rise, Alan Carpenter says the Supa IGA will be a worthy replacement for Woolworths and offers distinct advantages, including:

  • An additional 28 hours of trading per week.  The new trading hours will be from 6am to 10pm 365 days a year.
  • The Supa IGA will be able to buy locally, particularly fruit and vegetables.  (All products sold by major supermarkets comes from southern distribution centres.)
  • Fresh local preparation of meals and salads.
  • The new operator will be able to focus on local needs, offering ‘fresh food and meal solutions’ to cater to the ‘buy as you need’ market.
  • Local management will have the authority to respond to requests to meet particular needs such as products from home countries for international students.

It’s expected the transition from Woolworths to the Supa IGA will take place over the weekend of 29-30th April.


For more information please contact:

Alan Carpenter

Project Director, Discovery Rise