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Fri, 27 Apr 2018

New James Cook University Council formed

The Chancellor of James Cook University Bill Tweddell has announced the formation of the new University Council.

Mr Tweddell said the University’s new, smaller governing body provides a strong and well-balanced mix of skills, geographical representation and gender.

The Council consists of 15 members (previously 22 members) including official, appointed, additional and elected members, and includes an indigenous Council member.

“I am delighted to announce the formation of the new Council. There was a very strong field of applicants and some difficult decisions had to be made. I am very grateful that so many talented individuals were prepared to contribute to the governance of the University.”

In 2017 the Queensland Parliament passed the University Legislation Amendment Act 2017, which gives the University greater flexibility to determine the membership of its governing body.

Mr Tweddell said the new Council is more flexible and fit-for-purpose, providing for a more contemporary governing body.

“The new Council has a greater diversity of skills, regional distribution and gender,” Mr Tweddell said.

Bill Tweddell has also acknowledged the service of retiring members of the previous Council.

“I’d like to warmly thank our outgoing Council members for their positive contributions over the years. Those contributions have been very important and have served the University very well.”

“In particular, I would like to acknowledge the many contributions Peter Lindsay has made to the University over the years, most recently as Deputy Chancellor.”

The new University Council comprises:

  • Bill Tweddell (Chancellor and Chair of the Council)
  • Professor Sandra Harding (Vice Chancellor)
  • Professor Stephen Naylor (Chairperson of the Academic Board)
  • Ms Jayne Arlett
  • Mr Campbell Charlton
  • Associate Professor Allison Craven
  • Dr Ryan Haddrick
  • Judge Gregory Lynham
  • Mr Bruce Martin
  • Ms Majorie Pagani
  • Mr Peter Phillips
  • Dr Lee Skerratt
  • Mr Lennon Stathoulis
  • Dr Jonathan Strauss
  • Ms Angela Toppin

Council is the governing body of the University, established by the James Cook University Act 1997.

As the governance body of the University, Council ensures that the appropriate structures, policies, processes and planning are in place for JCU to manage its activities effectively and achieve its goals.

Council is also responsible for setting and reviewing the strategic direction of the University.


For more information please contact:

Richard Davis

Head of Media and Communication, JCU


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