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Fri, 6 Jul 2018

Boosting university students’ resilience

James Cook University is taking a leading role in building the resilience of university students with the second annual Australasian Mental Health in Higher Education Conference.

The conference aims to build a more resilient culture within higher education and the local community by approaching the issue from a range of perspectives including education, social work, psychology, medicine and nursing.

The conference begins today (Friday 6th July) and will run until Saturday 7th July at James Cook University’s Douglas campus in Townsville.

Conference co-chair Associate Professor Margaret-Anne Carter said the conference will feature a diverse range of speakers from around Australia and overseas.

“Presenters include students, academic staff, researchers, mental health practitioners, community members and carers,” she said. “This gives us a multi-dimensional insight into issues relating to mental health in higher education that ranges from the theoretical to the practical.”

Conference presenter and JCU lecturer Renae Acton will draw from both her higher education research and experience as doctoral student to share insights into how universities can assist students to grow personally as well as academically.

“The research is really clear, positive mental health supports effective learning,” she said. “If students are to succeed at university and beyond, they need successful ways to enhance their resilience and wellbeing.”

More information: https://www.jcu.edu.au/amhhec

Video: https://youtu.be/xzrA04vj6II