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Tue, 1 May 2018

JCU spreads aquaculture knowledge internationally

Two men and one woman hold a barramundi
Indonesian delegates Christian Maikel Eman, Anggun Puspitarini Siswanto and JCU Professor Kyall Zenger get hands on with aquaculture. Photo: Bethany Keats, JCU Media.

Thirty Indonesian delegates are in North Queensland to learn from James Cook University’s aquaculture experts.

The delegates come from a range of government, industry, research, and non-government development sectors.

Course leader, JCU’s Professor Kyall Zenger, said food security and poverty are acute challenges for Indonesia particularly for coastal communities, and particularly in Eastern Indonesia where livelihoods depend on seafood.

“There is a clear need for sustainable enterprise development through improved approaches to aquaculture management and supply chain management. There are also challenges related to brood stock management, nutrition and disease control,” he said.

The short course program will give delegates practical insight into how Australia as global leaders in aquaculture management, research and development addresses such challenges.

The course will promote improved governance, planning, technology and innovation, and value-adding opportunities.


Professor Kyall Zenger