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Mon, 27 Sep 2021

Understanding recent arrivals

Rana Dadpour at a cafe table interviewing two recent arrivals to Cairns
Rana Dadpour is interviewing Australian residents who have relocated to Cairns in the past 5 years.

If you moved to the Cairns region from elsewhere in Australia in the past five years, James Cook University Researcher Rana Dadpour would like to hear from you.

Ms Dadpour is investigating why people decided to move and why they chose to make their home in Cairns, as part of her research for a PhD on the topic of Migration and liveability in Regional Australia.

“I’m also interested in their experience of moving, and then of living in Cairns – has it met their expectations, and what have been the surprises, either positive or negative,” she said.

Ms Dadpour has some personal experience of relocation, having moved to Cairns with her family two years ago.

“There’s a lot going on before, during and after any move,” she said. “My aim is to gather many individual stories, to contribute to a more detailed picture of migration to regional Australia in general, and Cairns in particular.”

Ms Dadpour hopes her research will contribute to evidence-based planning and policy making at both national and local levels.

“Knowing more about who is moving here, and why, is useful information for everyone who is working to promote the sustainability and liveability of regional towns and cities,” she said.

Any permanent residents or Australian citizens who relocated to the Cairns Regional Council local government area (from Ellis Beach to just south of Mirriwinni) in the past five years are invited to contact Ms Dadpour at rana.dadpour@jcu.edu.au or 4232 1730 to arrange an interview.

“The interview takes up to an hour and we can meet on the JCU campus in Smithfield or at a place closer to your work or home,” Ms Dadpour said. “It’s a conversation, not a questionnaire, and the coffee’s on me.”

Research participants will receive a report on the findings, and personal details will remain confidential.