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Wed, 29 Jun 2022

Healthy tropical brains

soft, brain-like coral
Photo: David Clode, Unsplash

A lunchtime lecture for health professionals in the Pacific, to be delivered on Thursday (30 June) will address the potential impacts of Covid-19 on brain health.

The lecture is the first in a series of four online lectures, presented by Professor Zoltan Sarnyai of James Cook University.

“Covid-19 seems to have a long-lasting impact on brain function, including the effects of stress and anxiety, due to the potential dangers of the pandemic as well as social isolation,” Professor Sarnyai said.

“The virus itself can also reach the brain and produce changes that are associated with impaired cognitive function.”

The lecture will discuss the biological underpinning of long Covid and will introduce ways to strengthen brain health during Covid-19 and potential future pandemics.

The three following Thursday lunchtime lectures will cover the impacts on brain health of other infectious diseases, stress and trauma, and global warming.

The lectures are hosted by Creating Futures, a collaboration of individuals and institutions with a focus on the intersections of mental health, public health, community development and creativity – especially in the Pacific.

"Brain health underpins individual and community well-being," Creating Futures co-ordinator Professor Ernest Hunter said.

"Ensuring good brain health requires taking particular care of the developing brain, from conception on. That’s critical to helping individuals, and communities, overcome disadvantage – and prosper to their optimal potential"

Details of the four lectures and registration are here: https://creatingfutures.org.au/creating-futures-free-2022-public-talks/