As part of the Division of Tropical Environments and Societies, the College of Business, Law and Governance promotes, fosters, supports and administers quality teaching and research at JCU in the areas of Accounting, Governance and Management, Economics and Marketing, Law, Tourism and Information Technology.
The College is led by the Dean, Professor David Low.


Recent news

  • New approach to farm safety
    JCU researchers believe the heavy toll accidents take on Australian farmers could be reduced by an innovative approach to learning.
  • Concern over skin whitener marketing
    A study led by a JCU marketing expert has raised concerns over the ethics of the marketing of skin-whitening products, widely available in Australia.
  • Alcohol Apps aimed at young
    Apps with names like “Let’s get Wasted!” and “Drink Thin” have led a James Cook University Professor to call for Government action on alcohol advertising on mobile devices.