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CBLG research

CBLG invests in engaged research that produces high-quality insights and has significant scholarly and societal impacts, with a particular emphasis on the Tropics and beyond.

Our research is dedicated to tackling the most significant challenges faced by regions in the Tropics and beyond. We focus on both business and economic transformations, as well as law reform and justice, to address crucial societal issues with far-reaching impacts. The core of our research revolves around understanding how business, economic and professional transformations are essential for private and public sector organizations in effectively dealing with the challenges they encounter. As such, transformation and reform are fundamental pillars that underpin much of CBLG's research.

CBLG Strategic Research Connections Diagrams

Our academics conduct research in a variety of disciplines, and across disciplines, to solve problems enterprises, governments and professionals deal with. Our research is highly collaborative, both within the JCU research community and with researchers at other institutions and organisations across the world.

With a strong focus on balancing research contributions to both scholarship and society at large, CBLG values:

  • disciplinary and cross-disciplinary research
  • research quality, and both scholarly and societal research impact