Pathways to university Engineering ATAR

Engineering ATAR Cut Off Information

Do you dream of a career in engineering, designing smart cities or new machines for aerospace, health, or agriculture? Do you have on-the-job experience and wonder if it could be credited towards a degree? Are you concerned about the ATAR cut off for engineering courses? Consider the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) course at James Cook University. Even if you don’t have the ATAR score to meet the engineering course ATAR cut off there are other pathways into tertiary studies.

At JCU, we know there are many reasons a student may not reach the engineering ATAR cut off score. Those reasons may have nothing to do with your ability to successfully pursue a tertiary degree. The first step is to contact JCU to talk to an advisor and find out more about your options for a career in engineering.

A bridging course could be your pathway to university. If you have engineering experience but finished school at Year 10, or if you don't have an ATAR score at all, you may be able to take a course to bridge the gap and enter higher education studies.

If your prior experience shows you meet the rank, English prerequisite, and English proficiency requirements, the Mathematical Methods (Maths B) equivalent bridging course is designed to give you the foundation you need for success in your engineering degree studies.

In this course, you'll master basic maths and algebra skills, functions, graph sketching, trigonometry, and an introduction to calculus as you learn to apply the standard laws of mathematics. When you complete this course, you may be ready to begin your engineering degree.

If you don't meet the engineering course ATAR cut off score, you may also find a pathway to university through the Diploma of Higher Education. You can earn this recognised qualification in one year of full-time study, or, if you need to continue working, in two years of part-time studies.

Your diploma studies will give you the skills you need to succeed in higher education. When you choose to major in Engineering and Applied Science, you could gain credit in up to four subjects for your Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) course, or potentially earn an advanced standing.

Why Consider the Diploma

Through your diploma course, you will prove to yourself and others that you have the skills and drive to succeed at university. During your diploma studies, you will have access to JCU's engineering experts and lecturers committed to student success. You will also have all the support available to any uni student as you build a core set of skills and gain the prerequisites needed to enter a bachelor degree program.

Core Subjects

Your diploma studies include subjects designed to build your academic skills and prepare you for the rigorous studies you'll take part in as you pursue your world-class education at JCU. Develop your ability to read critically, write accurately, and manage your time in a busy university context. Understand how to maximise your learning potential through lectures, online materials, and tutorials. Your core studies will also set you up for success as a self-directed and independent learner.

As you prepare for your higher education studies, you'll learn to find and evaluate data, judge the validity of claims and evidence, and make data-based decisions in response to your research. You'll also master the key communication skills you need to interact with peers and other professionals to communicate your ideas clearly and logically.

Be ready today for tomorrow by developing skills needed to use advanced technology to use in a progressively digital environment.

A Focus on Engineering

Your Diploma of Higher Education allows you to choose an engineering major even if you did not meet the engineering course ATAR cut off score. You’ll work with the JCU Pathways team to develop a personalised study plan. In the Engineering major, you'll focus on essential maths and choose other engineering and science subjects that appeal to you and will help you succeed in your bachelor studies.

Learn about the engineer as a problem-solver, applying established engineering methods to design efficient solutions that promote sustainability. Apply your knowledge of the systematic approaches of engineering to design and application. Learn about computers and sensors and access cutting-edge engineering software.

You may also choose to consider how environmental management and ecological processes apply in the field of engineering and start on a career path to help the world solve key climate issues. Or, your courses could lead you to further education and the chance to educate others, preparing the next generation of engineers to solve the key problems of their future.

In all your subjects at JCU, you'll gain the hands-on experience you need to make yourself valuable to employers and be ready for a successful career. With a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) from James Cook University, you'll be able to choose your own path. Whether you prefer to work as a civil engineer, designing bridges or water supply systems, or your dream is to take the lead developing the Internet of Things and designing the next steps for our smart future, your first step is a degree.

Upon graduation, you'll be eligible for graduate membership of Engineers Australia.

Don't let the ATAR cut off engineering score stop you from striving for the future you want. Contact JCU today and get started on your future.