Annual Careers Fair

Careers and Employment Annual Careers Fair

The Annual JCU Careers Fair is the biggest employer event held on campus.

Each year, national and local employers visit JCU to connect with students. The Fair offers an opportunity for students to meet employers face-to-face and learn about career paths and the job opportunities that are available to them throughout their course and beyond.

The 2017 JCU Careers Fair was held in March, and you will find a list of the exhibitors via the ‘JCU Careers Fair Plus’ App. Download the app free through the App Store or Google Play. The app includes information on who attended, the employment opportunities they offer and tips to prepare for the day.

Dates for the 2018 JCU Careers Fair in Townsville and Cairns will be available at the end of 2017.

If you have suggestions on who you would like to see at the Fair, please tell us by emailing

Who should go?

The Careers Fair is for ALL students. We encourage students from every year level and every discipline to attend.

Each year you will find new organisations, new opportunities and new ideas to help you get your dream job.

How to make the most of the Careers Fair

To make the most of the Careers Fair, make sure you do some research before the big day. Check out our tips for success.