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What is Mechatronics?

Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering that combines the principles of mechanics, electronics and computing. An evolution of the field of robotics, mechatronic engineers study the foundations of mechanical systems, as well as the programming for computer interface and control required to produce new and relevant machines of the future.

A product of the digital age, mechatronics involves the analysis of industries to identify gaps in machine capabilities.

Mechatronic engineers are focused on utilising an understanding of mechanics and thermodynamics to design new and relevant machines for a variety of fields.

Within mechatronics, you will embrace opportunities for hands on design, construction and application of your learning through practicals, demonstrations and site visits. This works to complement the theoretical knowledge you will develop through expert lectures, up to the minute case studies and support to experiment with industry-ready programs.

Mechatronics is an emerging field, with significant potential for growth. Industry experts are unequivocal in their view that smart technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning will have a considerable impact on our everyday lives in the near future. * This growth industry is ripe for exploration for mechatronic engineers looking to make their mark on the technology sphere.

Mechatronics is a specialisation within Engineering. At JCU, you can study mechatronics as a minor in the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) alongside a major in either Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or Electronic Systems and Internet of Things. Each major provides different options for your mechatronics minor, giving you the flexibility to focus on your passion. JCU’s Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) provides you with the freedom to forge your own path. See the full list of JCU BEng (Hons) Majors and electives.

* Smith & Anderson, 2014.

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What does a mechatronic engineer do?

A career in mechatronics will draw on both your analytical and creative skills.

Mechatronic engineers will often work closely with data, as they assess the needs, capabilities, and success rate of machines. You may find yourself coding a user interface for a piece of smart technology or analysing the efficiency of mining equipment.

Creative solutions to problems are often required of engineers. Mechatronic engineers with innovative ideas and responses can deliver major benefits to their organisation. Areas within artificial intelligence, robotics, and the Internet of Things are constantly looking for new and more efficient design and construction processes. You may find yourself taking the lead in the research and development of automated technology that gives benefits to industries such as health, agriculture, or automotive.

Mechatronic engineers may work across the design, analysis, manufacturing or maintenance phases of a solution. Much will depend on the industry you choose to specialise in, as each will have their own unique requirements.

It is likely you will work as part of a larger team, particularly if you are involved in product innovation. Here, you will have the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with others. Project management is a common area of progression for engineers, as you begin to oversee projects and ensure effective design, delivery and implementation.

What jobs are there in mechatronic engineering?

As a mechatronics engineer, you could work in machine design, data analytics, software design, manufacture, construction, and much more.

Studying mechatronics at JCU will enable you to make industry connections with leading organisations across multiple sectors.

You may find yourself working at one of Australia’s innovative mining sites, or collaborating with experts from multiple fields within an office environment in small and medium enterprise or global corporations alike.

JCU’s engineering graduates receive a qualification that is accredited by Engineers Australia and recognised in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, North America, Asia and South Africa, giving you multiple opportunities to contribute nationally and internationally to this emerging field.

The job opportunities that may stem from a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), minoring in Mechatronics at JCU are numerous. You may find yourself designing, manufacturing, and/or maintaining machines in the following industries:

  • Field Service Engineer
  • Applications Engineer
  • Automation Engineer
  • Control Systems Engineer
  • Research and Development Engineer
  • Innovation Engineer
  • Resources Engineer

Or perhaps even an industry that hasn’t been established yet!

Why study Mechatronics at JCU?

When you study with us, you’ll be given the tools to succeed. The Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) with a minor in Mechatronics combines hands-on skills with a thorough knowledge of the fundamentals to prepare you for any situation.

JCU Engineering students develop innovative solutions to problems through engagement with real-world scenarios. You will learn to apply theoretical concepts to your practical learning through laboratory classes and field trips.

This will culminate in a fourth year Honours thesis, where you will work through the full analysis, design and implementation process as you research a current industry issue and formulate a proposed solution.

Students are also offered the opportunity of twelve weeks of work placement within the industry. Here, you can put your well-honed skills to practical use, and may even get paid to learn.

Explore all that JCU has to offer with our Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), which can be studied at JCU Townsville or JCU Cairns. Here, you will work with knowledgeable instructors, industry experts, and develop lasting relationships with your peers.

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“What's really great about the degree is the kind of projects you work on. The hands-on experience you get at JCU is invaluable. I also had so many opportunities at JCU, from extensive work experience to attending and speaking at conferences. I don't think I would have such great practical and professional experiences anywhere else."

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