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Social media leaves clues to mental health

Prospective students step closer to future career

Rare Australian parrot faces multi-virus threat

Tropical forests surrender secrets in a boost for biodiversity

Pandemic music struck a darker chord

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Kirrily - Campus Notices

GP workforce to grow thanks to new recruits

Lack of support for pet owners in crisis

New pharmacists’ training: a prescription for gender inclusion

Back-to-back cyclones and flood plume impacts on the Great Barrier Reef


Gen Z look for job security

Students set for a big week at JCU

Swimmers to be safer thanks to ‘CSI-like’ investigations into box jellyfish movements

Call to hear new voices

100 trillion pixels unveil the world’s coral reefs

JCU zooms in on $2 million microscope

Fish-coral relationships on the rocks?

Cutting edge building to spur innovation at JCU

First reports of severe coral bleaching this summer as the Great Barrier Reef warms up

JCU welcomes Universities Accord final report

JCU Library brings to life tale of adventure and discovery

Desex dilemma for Rottie owners


AI reveals secret roads endangering the world’s rainforests

Restrictive health data systems limit health care

Engineering a path for women

Loggerheads hit the ‘terrible twos’ at JCU

JCU Mackay celebrates healthcare milestones

Study finds rising shark and ray extinction risk

Indigenous fire management started 11,000 years ago

Coral bleaching at six Islands in the northern Great Barrier Reef

UNESCO recognition for JCU Professor

Gender care practice questioned

Students to accelerate studies with $45k windfall

Seagrass meadows face uncertain future

Good news on tropical disease fight

$4m study to transform falls prevention


JCU plant-saving team on conservation mission

Reef management techniques potentially coral saving

Rudeness endangers patients

Discovery of pottery rewrites Aboriginal history

Ghost roads speed nature’s destruction

Dungeons and Dragons may improve mental health

Climate-change driven cold snaps threaten marine life

JCU payroll review

Households urged to go ‘old school’ in disaster planning

Oysters could help clean up the Reef

Plans for AI to assess frailty


Anti-corrosion paint could be industry game changer

International study highlights best RATs

Exploring the brain on politics

JCU presentation on December flood in Cairns

Telehealth research hopes to connect communities to healthcare

Remote Scottish archipelago provides valuable insights for Aussie heritage sites

Transformation planned for health care

Millaa Millaa plans its future with JCU

Silent species face extinction

Plan to help flying foxes survive heatwaves

JCU Researcher has sights on universal protection for flu

Forecasting coral disease risk


Government can help with happiness

Spiky encounter proves too much for hungry shark

Animal empathy differs among men

Researchers uncover secrets of the golden barra

Heat is on for games

Students thrive on Sea Country

Monkeypox’s worldwide spread is a warning

Exhibit provides Insights into connections with arts and culture

Glow in the dark rats tested

Wind engineering pioneers continue to defy odds