JCU is a leader in research addressing the critical challenges facing the tropics, world-wide. 

A defining feature of JCU is its tropical location and its research excellence in disciplines of particular relevance to the tropics. 

As a comprehensive university in the tropics, JCU is well placed to foster cross-disciplinary collaborations to meet these challenges.

JCU Research News

    Local language celebrated
    Wed, 3 May 2017
    James Cook University is celebrating the publication of three volumes devoted to Dyirbal, one of the original languages of northern Queensland.

    Coral killers face the bitter end
    Thu, 27 Apr 2017
    The battle to stop the spread of the destructive Crown-of-Thorns Starfish (CoTS) has received a boost: an innovative method of killing the pest has been proven safe to other marine life and will now be introduced on the Great Barrier Reef.

    Plastic could poison oceans for generations
    Wed, 26 Apr 2017
    James Cook University researchers have discovered that plastic waste in the oceans limits the ability of plankton to breed, which could contribute to global fish population declines.

    Scientists study how coral manipulates its bacteria
    Mon, 24 Apr 2017
    In a novel study with implications for human health, James Cook University researchers are using a $300,000 grant to study how some animals can manipulate their own bacteria.

    Algae turns heavy metals green
    Thu, 13 Apr 2017
    James Cook University researchers have found algae can remove heavy metals from industrial wastewater and can grow biofuels at the same time.

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